High Quality, Affordable Medical Care in India

  • Standards of care and level of medical expertise at top hospitals in India meet global benchmarks. There is zero waiting time for major surgeries.
  • Indian Doctors are globally recognized for their clinical skills and experience. Many of them have trained and worked for decades at global centres of medical excellence.
  • Latest innovations in key medical specialities, Availability of latests Technology like Robotic Surgery, CyberKnife, Brain Suite ensure delivery of outstanding healthcare of international standards.

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Corporate Service
Corporate Service

World Class Treatment in India - Great Value for Your Money

Indicative Costs of Medical Treatment in India at JCI-USA Quality Accredited World Class Hospitals.

Welcome to SafeMedTrip.com - India's Leading Medical Travel Facilitation Service Provider for International Patients. We offer free, no obligation assistance to foreign patients looking for affordable, world class medical treatment in India.

A large number of people from all over the world are now traveling to India for advanced medical treatment like Heart Surgery, Cancer Care, Orthopedic Joint Replacements, Spine surgery, Organ Transplants etc. Leading hospitals in India offer an unmatched cost and quality advantage as they are now equipped with globally trained and experienced surgeons across every specialty and state of the art technology infrastructure.

However choosing the right hospital and the most experienced specialist can be a real challenge for a foreign patient. Therefore help from a trusted and experienced facilitator like SafeMedTrip is invaluable.

SafeMedTrip .com provides valuable guidance and assistance for obtaining expert medical opinions and treatment cost estimates, appointment bookings, and assist in applying for medical visa, plan your travel and post hospitalization accommodations. All these no obligation services are provided at no extra cost or upfront payment.

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