Indian Surgeons Demonstrate World Class Expertise – Heart Bypass Carried Out on Awake Patient for Whom Anaesthesia was a High Risk.

heart-bypassIt was a miraculous achievement by Indian doctors when they performed a latest cardiac bypass technique on a 65 year-old patient kept awake throughout the surgery.

In another thumping example of advanced medical care available in India, minimally invasive coronary artery surgery is the latest approach to save a life of the person with impending heart attack due to blocked arteries.

This surgery is not performed in the usual way by cutting open the breast bone. Instead a tiny hole is bored in the chest wall to access the blocked artery. The underlying lung is deliberately collapsed to give better access and view of the blocked artery and the heart.

What made this surgery even more incredible was the fact that it was carried out with the patient fully awake and conscious. As the patient was a case of high blood pressure and altered kidney function, general anaesthesia was not a safe option. Cervical epidural anaesthesia was administered through cervical vertebrae which just numbed the area of the chest while the patient was fully conscious.

The surgery was a success and the patient was able to drink water just half an hour after the surgery.

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