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India Treatment

Liposuction from India’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons and World Class Hospitals

Excellent Outcomes and Affordable Cost is assured.

Excellent Outcomes and Affordable Cost is assured

Ms. Stella Murphy From UK shares her experience about Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Excellent care. Skilled staff. Couldn’t be happier with Physician’s and their expertise. Very personable and professional. Would recommend to others Thanks you all and God bless you ! –


Ms. Stella Murphy From UK – Cosmetic Surgery

Why you should choose World Class Hospitals in India for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery?

Globally Trained & Highly Experienced Plastic Surgeons – Benefit from the expertise of Plastic Surgeons who are Board Certified and have worked at World’s leading hospitals for decades and have a 100 percent success record.

World’s Lowest World’s Lowest Cost Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Packages. Cosmetic and Plastic surgery package costs at our World Class Hospitals in India is most affordable and almost 40 to 70 % less than comparable facilities in the UK, USA and Australia.

Complete Range of Latest and Most Advanced Treatment Options – Our hospitals are equipped with with latest High-end technology infrastructure like Robotic Surgery System, Laser Technology and Triple Hepa filter Surgery Suites which ensure good outcomes and quick diagnosis and recovery.

doctors and nurse
Well trained English speaking Doctors, Nurses and Support Staff provide competent and compassionate care. We will provide you complete support and care from the time you land in India till you go back home.Get Estimate

Most Advanced Liposuction Options available in India

What is Breast Lift ?

liposuctionLiposuction or Lipoplasty or Liposculpting is a popular body shaping procedure. It is a surgical procedure that is done to enhance the body shape and appearance. The cosmetic surgery removes the excess fat and shapes the body parts. The surgery removes only pockets of fat and is not recommended for whole body fat removal or obesity treatment. It is not a substitute for exercise and good diet nor is it a treatment for cellulite.

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Which Areas can be Shaped?

Fatty areas of the thighs, arms, abdomen, buttocks and neck are popular areas for fat removal. The fat is removed through suction mechanism and so a removal of small amount of fat is advised in a particular sitting to avoid dents in the contour.

What are the Indications For Liposuction?

1. Lipomas or benign fatty tumors.

2. Gynaecomastia or enlarged breasts in males.

3. Lipodystrophy or abnormal lumps of fatty tissue in body parts.

4. Cosmetically people with normal body weight, firm skin and pockets of fat are best candidates for this procedure.

A person who opts for this procedure should be above 18 years of age, generally in good health, non- smoker (or must quit smoking 2 weeks before procedure) and should not be suffering from any systemic illness like bleeding or clotting disorder, tuberculosis or diabetes etc. Liposuction and Abdominoplasty must not be performed together as it is highly risky.

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Most Advanced Options for Liposuction

LiposuctionAll procedures require very small incisions around half to three fourth inch long. The surgery takes 3-4 hours and can be done under local, regional or general anaesthesia. The surgeon should be a highly competent plastic surgeon experienced in this field.

1. Suction Assisted Liposuction:

It is the standard method of liposuction in which a thin wire called cannula is inserted through a very small incision. The outer end of cannula is attached to a mechanical vacuum device that creates suction. The surgeon slowly moves the cannula back and forth to break the fat and slowly suction it out.

2. Laser Assisted Liposuction:

Laser is introduced through a special fibre threaded through a microcannula. The laser energy emulsifies the fat in the target area which is then suctioned out. The procedure causes less bruising and bleeding and thus faster recovery.

3. Tumescent Liposuction:

This technique provides local anaesthesia to large volume of subcutaneous fat. This allows liposuction under local anaesthesia. There is no need for regional or general anaesthesia, intravenous narcotics or sedatives. The blood loss is also less.

4. Safelipo:

This procedure includes fat shifting or grafting. It uses exploded tip probe or cannula to separate and liquefy fat prior to aspiration. After the aspiration the probe is used to equalise the fat to provide even contour to the body part and avoid lumping or denting. The procedure is good for both small and large volume of fat removal. In this procedure the target area fat is loosened using power assisted liposuction. The loosened fat is aspirated using smaller cannula which causes lesser skin injury. The blood vessels and surrounding structures are also minimally damaged. After this the fat is equalised using fat equalising probes which evens out the skin irregularities. After any procedure the incisions are kept open or partially sutured to allow drainage of fatty fluid. Dressing should be changed regularly for 2-3 days after self adhesive bandages can be applied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have decided that you want to get treatment in India you can email us your latest medical reports and accompanying X-Rays, MRI Scans and other relevant medical documents at or Call or WhatsApp us on +91-9899993637 for one to one discussion with our executives.

Once we receive your reports, we will get them reviewed by our medical experts and will send you a detailed treatment package consisting of doctor’s diagnosis, treatment plan, cost of treatment, duration of stay in hospital and duration of stay in India besides other relevant details.

Once you have confirmed to us that you want to proceed further to get treatment in India, our team will help you with the Indian medical visa assistance and documentation process. We will also help you in arranging for a comfortable local stay for you and your attendant. You don’t have to send any money in advance.

Savings can be from 30-50%, depending upon the procedure and the destination. Your treatment will be carried out from only the best hospitals in India that are NABH accredited and have specialists that are recognized globally for their expertise.

From the date you decide on one of the three affordable treatment packages offered to you. It may take 1- 3 weeks to obtain Medical Visa and book flight tickets. We have zero waiting period and you can be received at the Airport on arrival and immediately admitted at hospital and treatment will start.

Its advisable that you should not delay your treatment particularly in case of severe illnesses like Cancer, Heart or Spine etc. Early start of treatment results in quick recovery and lower expense compared to delay of treatment.

The difference in cost package due to the labour and insurance costs of the hospital operating in India, and not by the difference in the quality of treatment.

Each patient is assigned to a SafeMedTrip Patient Case Manager who will take care of every single detail ranging from arrival to send off.

Yes, of course. We will provide you with complete assistance in selecting high-quality hotels near the hospital location that fits your budget.

You will be given a complete profile of the specialist before you proceed for the treatment. On special request, we will be happy to connect you with him through a teleconferencing service facilitated by Skype.

Ms. Amelia From Australia shares her experience about Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Ms. Amelia​

Friendliness & patience in explaining the procedures was what impressed me the most. Thank You for working with me & scheduling appointments for my convenience plus making me feel very comfortable. The surgeons here are superb. They did a splendid Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery making my face pretty again after the nasty fracture.

The coordination between Safemedtrip and their affiliate hospital is just commendable. The whole procedure from admission to discharge was very smoothRefer a PatientRefer a Patient

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Safemedtrip - Invaluable BenefitsGet Expert Medical Opinion/ Second Opinion – Send us the Medical reports by Email or WhatsApp and we will get you Expert Advice ​​and ​Treatment Cost Estimates​ from Top Specialist at ​Three of India’s ​leading hospitals within ​48 hours.

Safemedtrip - Invaluable BenefitsFree Concierge ​Services​ –​ Once you decide to come to India, We will arrange ​Priority Scheduling of Hospital Appointments, Travel & Visa Assistance, Airport Pick up, Economical Hotel Stay, ​Complete ​Local Support​ ​24X7.​

Safemedtrip - Invaluable BenefitsNo Obligation – Zero Cost Assistance. We do not collect any service fee from patients. You will directly pay the hospitals after you arrive in India. We ensure Quick, Hassle Free, Affordable Treatment at World Class hospitals in India.

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