The Right Diet after Weight Loss Surgery (Gastric Bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy)

The Right Diet after Weight Loss Surgery (Gastric Bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy)

After the Gastric Bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery, the person is feels like eating less thus reducing the food consumption of the person. But after  the surgery there are certain things in the diet that needs to be taken into consideration. Most patients are able to lose substantial amount of their  weight and gain health by following the advice below.

Diet after surgery:

Start with a clear liquid diet after the surgery. Drink only clear liquids for 10 days.

10 days later:

Follow the diet after three weeks: Blend solid foods. In between meals, consume liquids. Don’t stop having liquids 30 minutes before and after meals.  Consume foods like skimmed milk, low fat curd, blended vegetable soup, scrambled eggs, mashed tofu or beets.

A month later:

  • If your body tolerates pureed foods, progress to semi solid foods and continue the diet for three months after the surgery.
  • Add new foods slowly. Take small bites and chew well.
  • Eat a wide range of low fat, low calorie starches, fruits and vegetables.
  • Prepare meats using low-fat cooking methods (baking, broiling or grilling).
  • Use herbs and spices to season vegetables
  • Keep drinking clear liquids
  • Foods that can be incorporated in this stage include oat meal porridge, well cooked lentils, sprouted beans, soft fruits, grated apple, pureed chicken or  milk-based soups.

Regular diet:

Start eating a regular diet if you’re feeling fine. But it’s important to not go back to your earlier eating habits which you had prior to Gastric Bypass  Surgery.

Must-avoid list :

Avoid high-calorie liquids as they add extra calories without making you feel full. They include coffee drinks (mocha, latte, cappuccino), smoothies,  alcohol, sugary drinks (sharbat), fried foods, salad dressing, potato chips, whole milk, cream cheese, ice cream, spicy gravy and mithai. Avoid carbonated  drinks as they cause gas and bloating.

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