Bariatric Surgery can save millions of dollars in future healthcare costs for for more than 100 million obese in America

Bariatric Surgery can save millions of dollars in future healthcare costs for for more than 100 million obese in America More than half of the adult population in the United States is overweight and an estimated one-third of American adults are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And by most measures, the epidemic is still growing. Morbid obesity is defined as weighing at least twice one’s ideal body weight or roughly 100 pounds overweight. This is known to significantly reduce life expectancy and is associated with an increased risk of developing a host of problems including diabetes, stroke, hypertension, joint issues, sleep apnea, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol and respiratory problems.

Dieting and losing weight is a challenge for many, and losing 100 pounds or more can feel like an impossible task. As Americans continue to struggle with weight and associated health issues, physicians are increasingly suggesting weight loss surgery as a treatment option for their heaviest patients.

“Doctors are referring people for gastric bypass because they know how dramatic the effect on their patient’s health will be when they lose the weight,” says NorthShore University HealthSystem (North Shore) affiliated surgeon Stephen Haggerty, MD.

While some are inspired by the kind of weight loss success seen on reality shows like The Biggest Loser, Dr. Haggerty and colleagues are quick to point out that those scenarios are unrealistic for most people who do not have the time to work out for hours every day or the discipline for such intense calorie restrictions.

“There are so many factors in morbid obesity that we don’t completely understand metabolic , genetics, behavior—we don’t have one effective diet or medication that works consistently,” Dr. Haggerty explains. “But it does come down to taking in fewer calories than you burn off. Bariatric surgery is simply a tool to help people lose significant weight and keep it off.”

“The beautiful thing is how people respond over the first six to 12 months as they begin to lose a lot of weight. They have more energy, they feel better and they exercise more. It’s a very positive cycle,” explains Dr. Haggerty. “People are surprised at how soon and how much better they feel.”

But for obese people who have failed at diet and exercise and struggle with associated diseases, surgery can be the best option  It has been proven to be life changing and life saving. Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery has already hproven that patients can lose up to 70 % of your excess weight and save your from so many impending diseases like high blood pressure , Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Strike, Gallstones, Cancer of Breast, Prostate and Colon.


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