Back Pain Does not mean you need Spine Surgery

Back Pain Does not mean you need Spine SurgeryLower Back Pain in advancing years is now a days fairly common. Frequent pain in the back and in other areas like upper back and extending in to arms disturbs a persons daily life but most such conditions may not require any surgery.

Simple steps like staying as much active as possible and continue daily activities and exercises and stretches for back pain; other activities such as walking, swimming, yoga do really help.

Its only in cases where after a physical examination by Spine Specialist and also review of MRI reports, Spine surgery may be advised in case of :-

1) The patient is suffering from a slipped disk that isn’t getting better on its own.

2) A degenerative spinal condition like stenosis (narrowing of the protective bony canal around the spinal cord) that’s causing weakness or numbness in arms and legs and trouble walking or using hands.

3) A broken or dislocated bone in the back or because of a tumor on the spinal cord.

4) Lost bladder or bowel control because of a problem with the spinal nerves, spinal infection.

In above conditions its always prudent to get an expert opinion from a competent surgeon and discuss the best available options.

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