A Minimally invasive Alternative Approach to Traditional Fusion Procedures

How AxiaLIF is Performed

The surgeon accesses your lower back through an approximately 1-inch incision next to your tailbone. The center of the degenerated disc is removed, and bone

material is inserted in its place. This material helps bone growth over time in order to “fuse” the spine.

The AxiaLIF implant is inserted to stabilize the vertebrae while fusion is occurring. During insertion, your surgeon can restore disc height and alignment. Your physician will add posterior implants for further stabilization of your spine after the AxiaLIF procedure has been performed.

Open Surgical Approaches

ALIF (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion)
Traditionally an open procedure, ALIF has been used for years for lumbar spinal fusions.
In an ALIF, thesurgeon enters through the abdomen to access the lower portion of the spine. The primary advantage of ALIF is that it does not require dissection of the back muscles in order to reach the disc. Its primary risk is damage to blood vessels and nerves. This risk can be significant if the patient has had multiple abdominal procedures in the past which could have caused scarring and damage.

PLIF (Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion)

PLIF is traditionally an “open” surgery and has also been safely performed for years. The advantage of PLIF is that it does not require dissection around major vessels in order to reach the disc. Its primary risk is damage to the dural sac and its approach requires extensive dissection of back muscles. Because these muscles are being pulled from their attachments to the spine, the surgery can cause pain and scarring.

Goals of Minimally Invasive Surgery

AxiaLIF presacral fusion is one of many minimally invasive surgeries. The goals of minimally invasive surgery, or MIS, are:

• Minimal blood loss
• Less post-operative pain
• Improved recovery times
• Potentially shorter hospital stay
• Potentially less pain medication required

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