Affordable Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery at India’s World class hospitals attracts thousands of overseas patients.

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A  large number of foreign patients suffering from painful spinal conditions have  found  relief after undergoing highly affordable Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery at  World-class Spine Centres in India that now have the  most Advanced Technology,  Highly skilled Spine Surgeons, excellent nursing and rehabilitation care.

Cervical disc disease is caused by an abnormality in one or more discs. When a disc is damaged due to arthritis or an unknown cause it can lead to neck pain from inflammation or muscle spasm. Severe pain and numbness can occur in the arms from pressure on the cervical nerve roots.In severe cases, when the patient is not benefited from non-surgical treatments like medication or physiotherapy then they  are advised Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery. Some of the benefits of Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement surgery are:

  1. Artificial disc surgery has lesser chances of requiring a revision surgery, compared to spinal fusion surgery
  2. Normal neck movement  is maintained
  3. Unlike the spinal fusion surgery the adjacent spinal discs in case of cervical disc replacement don’t have to bear the extra stress.
  4. Eliminates the need for a painful bone graft
  5. Recovery time is quicker compared to the fusion surgery.
  6. Lesser number of patients need a hard collar following the cervical Disc Replacement surgery

India has become one of the most sought after Medical Tourism Destination for Advanced Cervical Disc Replacement Surgeries because of the unmatched quality and services offered by its  spine centres with salient features like

  • Comprehensive management of spine disorders from spinal birth defects, degenerative spine disorders, Spine Tumors .
  • Expert evaluation of spinal problems by dedicated cross functional team of experienced Spine Surgeons, Neuro Radiologist,  Neurologist, Physicians and Physiotherapist.
  • Advanced diagnostic facilities including dynamic digital X rays , Spiral XT scanning ,Intra Operative MRI suite and Neuro Interventional radiology  unit all under one roof.
  • Latest Minimally Invasive surgical techniques for all spinal ailments with focus on Minimal access Micro Endoscopic spine surgeries, Functional spine preservation techniques and Spinal Arthoplasty for all( disc diseases) as well as instrumentation.
  • A strong physiotherapy and Rehab program post surgery to enable teh patient regain vital functions in a short time after the surgery.  is a  leading Medical Travel Facilitation service based in India and has helped a large number of patients from US, UK, Canada and African Countries to avail high quality Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery at most affordable cost . helps International patients  from the point of first contact till they return home after surgery.  From helping foreign  patients  get in touch with top spine surgery specialists  in India, get an expert opinion,  plan  travel, fix up appointments, airport pick up to arranging post hospital stay – Safemedtrip  seamlessly  creates a  successful medical travel  experience to India.
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