Bone Marrow Transplant ends battle with Multiple Myeloma for 50 Year Old patient.

Herbert from Kenya was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma a type of blood cancer around 3 years back,  had no idea how to deal with the card that life had dealt with him. He was advised to undergo bone marrow transplant. At 50, he still had a family to look after and many responsibilities. He wasn’t sure whether his savings would sustain the costs of the treatment required.


A patient with blood cancer may present with unexplained weight loss, persistent fatigue, excessive weakness, breathlessness, bruises or bleeds with minimal injury, swollen stomach, enlarged lymph nodes, lowered immunity causing recurrent infections, low grade fever and night sweats.

Bone Marrow Transplant ends battle with Multiple MyelomaBone Marrow (stem cell) transplant is a preferred choice of treatment for blood cancers like Multiple myeloma, Lymphoma and Leukemia in persons whose bone marrow is severely damaged.

Today two years after the surgery, Herbert is disease free and enjoying his second lease of life. He needs a check-up every three months for which he goes readily.

Bone marrow is the soft spongy material found in the inside of long bones. This part of the bone contains basic cells that grow and differentiate into healthy blood cells. Abnormality of the bone marrow causes a variety of blood cancers.Donor bone marrow (stem cells) can be taken from some other bone of the same person (Autogenic) or from a close relative after a thorough tissue match (Allogenic).

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