After Alcohol .. Increased body weight now emerging as major risk factor for Liver Disease.

liver-diseaseObesity is now emerging as a culprit for one more major organ disorder – Liver Disease and even Liver cancer.

According to a global research findings, it has been estimated that if current trends continue, there will be more than two billion overweight and over one billion obese individuals worldwide by 2030, said the paper published in the Journal of Hepatology. It’s a wakeup call for all of us indeed.

Yet another recent study concludes that those men who were overweight during their teenage period are at considerably higher risk (over 60 percent) of liver cancer (and other liver diseases) than their peers. This highly disturbing finding came to light after a 40 year follow up study carried out on around 50000 men in Sweden showed significant correlation between body mass index above 25 (Body mass index is an indicator of obesity and is measured as weight in kilograms divided by height of a person in meter square) and the occurrence of liver cancer in later life. In addition, overweight and obesity are associated with a worse prognosis in several liver diseases, such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), hepatitis B and C as well as alcoholic liver disease.

liver-disease-patientLiver is the largest organ in the body and is associated with digestion of fats and metabolism of medicines. Increased weight means the liver has to work more to breakdown body fat. This can damage the cells of the liver leading to liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. Unhealthy food habits, irregular meal times, inadequate rest, stressful life, disturbed sleep wake cycle are all damaging to the liver in the long run.

Jaundice that is increased levels of bilirubin in the blood causing yellowish discoloration of the eyes and skin is an important sign of compromised liver function.

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