Brain Surgery Without The Knife – Gamma Knife RadioSurgery best suited for Brain Tumor Treatment says American Cancer Society.

gamma-knife-indiaPreviously patients with brain tumors would undergo harrowing experience of a long surgery followed by many days of chemo and radiotherapy, not knowing when it would all finally end.

But the Gamma Knife surgery, a latest advancement in the field of neurosurgery has steadfastly become the most reliable brain cancer treatment over the last few years. Endorsed recently by the American Cancer Society, this technique is actually knifeless and totally noninvasive. The best part is that it has been successfully used on patients with primary and metastatic (spread from other areas to brain) brain cancer with positive outcomes in Safemedtrip affiliate hospitals in India.

A few years back, the news of brain cancer would bring the world crashing down around the patient and his family as it meant paralysis, severe disability and slow and painful death. The surgical treatment was less aggressive in order to preserve the surrounding healthy cells leaving possible residual cancer cells inside for a chance to regrow; especially if the cancer was located deep or near vital functional area near in the brain like speech or vision. Several sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy after major brain surgery would leave the patient physically, emotionally and financially drained out.

gamma-knifeBut the latest noninvasive Gamma knife surgery eliminates all of that. This blood less surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure so no need for admission. The patient just needs to lie down in a machine from 30 to around 90 minutes, depending on the size of the tumor and how many the patient has. The machine emits 200 beams of radiation to precisely target and burn up the tumor, with minimal damage to other healthy areas of the brain. This is a computer assisted surgery.

The procedure has virtually no side effect and can be used repeatedly on the same patient in case of recurrence. The only limitation is the size of the tumor. Any cancer growth larger than 3 cm will need brain surgery.

This sure and sharp Gamma Knife surgery is an aggressive treatment that ensures shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, lesser collateral damage and fewer recurrences. Brain tumor patients and their families have a reason to smile.

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