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Gamma Knife RadioSurgery : Advanced Non Surgical Treatment for Brain Tumors

Excellent Outcomes and Affordable Cost is assured.

Though it is called Gamma Knife, There is No Blade Used or Blood Loss in This Advanced Stereotactic Radiosurgical Treatment.

Gamma Knife RadioSurgery

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery treatment, is a new ray of hope for the patients diagnosed with brain tumor disorders. Although it’s called Gamma Knife, there is no blade used or blood loss. Instead, it is a stereotactic radiosurgical treatment that delivers a dose of gamma radiation to the target with surgical precision and is the most accepted and widely used radiosurgery treatment in the world.

Gamma Knife is a very precise and effective instrument that uses radiation to treat the brain and is often called radiosurgery. Gamma Knife surgery is recognized worldwide as the preferred treatment for brain tumors, arteriovenous malformations and brain dysfunctions such as trigeminal neuralgia.

Advantages Of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

  • Gamma Knife is a neurosurgical tool designed exclusively for the treatment of brain disorders and also there is no head shaving.
  • No incisions and no general anesthesia required.
  • The lesion being treated, receives a high dose of radiation with minimum risk to nearby tissue and structures.
  • The absence of an incision eliminates the risk of haemorrhage and infection.
  • A secure head frame ensures safety and accuracy within half a millimetre.
  • Hospitalization is short, typically an overnight stay or an outpatient surgical procedure. Patients can immediately resume their previous activities.
  • Patients go home usually on the same day (time lost from employment is minimal).

Gamma Knife is Useful in Successful Treatment of Brain Tumors Such as

Gamma Knife RadioSurgery
  1. Meningioma
  2. Neurinoma of trigeminal and either cranial nerves
  3. Pituitary adenoma
  4. Single and multiple metastases of brain cancer
  5. Arteriovenous malformations
  6. Other brain pathologies in the early stages of the diseases in adults and children
  7. Functional disorders such as Trigeminal neuralgia and Epilepsy

Patient Testimonials – What People Say about us

Patient Testimonials
-Ms. Janet Biuware from Cameroon

“I had so many apprehensions and concerns prior to coming to India for surgery that I needed badly to regain my health. “Thanks for your always prompt responses to my volley of questions and concerns. I could not have managed even a step without your staff’s excellent care.

I couldn’t be happier with the Indian hospitals, surgeon, physicians and their expertise. Everyone is very professional yet compassionate. All staff nurses and doctors are very attentive. My stay during treatment in India was very comfortable"

We thank God that the surgery went very well. The team work between specialists was superb as they ensured all was perfect prior to the surgery. All in all SafeMedTrip tops all others by my standards…and I would recommend it in a heartbeat!

Patient Testimonials
Mr. Ibrahim Aliyu from Nigeria - Advanced Brain Tumor Surgery

"Good day, I was attendant to your patient Mr. Ibrahim Aliyu. I just want to give a little feedback on the care we received in your hospital. I must say we have been overwhelmed by the level of attention to details from your hospital

The moment we stepped out of the airport terminal, the hospital pickup car and protocol officer was waiting for us. We were checked in almost immediately when we got to the hospital seeing as we were weary from the long-haul travel to get to India. You guys had everything planned! Organising for us to get a local sim card so we could communicate with home immediately, having very adequately accommodated me the attendant as well…boarding, feeding et al!"

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