Adaptive Radiation Therapy – a new hope for bladder preservation in patients with Bladder cancer, now available at SafeMedTrip network World Class Hospitals in India.

bladder-cancer-treatmentThis is a revolutionary procedure that can help cancer patients to retain their bladder function after removal of muscle invasive bladder cancer. It is being practiced in select urosurgery centers across India including few of Safemedtrip affiliate hospitals with promising outcomes. It may soon become the standard approach for such cases surpassing all other surgical options.

Also known as ‘Trimodal Approach’ this combination therapy includes removal of tumor cells via urethral approach, followed by modulated dosage of radiation being targeted at the cancer site in the bladder using image guiding technology (IGMRT), ending with chemotherapy. Patients have reported faster recovery and improved quality of life after surgery and lesser recurrence. The procedure also minimizes any chance of left over cancer cells that may spread to surrounding tissues.

Cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the body and can affect any organ, the urinary bladder being no exception.

treatment-for-bladder-cancerBladder cancer begins with abnormal growth of cells in the inner lining of the bladder wall. Sometimes the cancer is localized and does not invade the bladder wall and is known as Noninvasive bladder cancer. This is usually treated by cancer resection followed by chemo and radiotherapy sessions.

Muscle invasive bladder cancer is when the cancer cells penetrate the muscular wall of the urinary bladder leaving surgical removal of bladder as the only recourse.

This is by no means an easy procedure for the patient as life devoid of bladder is really difficult. Though the surgery is usually followed by reconstruction of an artificial bladder or a new conduit to void urine, it comes with its own set of complications like infections, unable to void completely, reduced sexual performance in men, restrictions in social life and overall lowered quality of life. The radiation therapy may also damage the nearby healthy cells.

Adaptive Image guided intensity modulated radiation therapy (IGMRT) does away with all these complications without affecting the outcome. This high precision procedure includes transurethral resection of the bladder tumour, followed by IG-MRT and chemotherapy.

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