Most Advanced Non Surgical HIFU to Treat Prostate Cancer

HIFU is a revolutionary new treatment for early stage Prostate Cancer where the disease is still organ confined and its possible to treat of prostate cancer without radiation and without having to make a surgical incision in the body. Medical professionals in India have recently given a new hope of life to all those patients , who can be spared ill effects of radiation for treatment of localized prostate cancer.

Doctors at affiliated Hospitals are now performing High intensity focused ultrasound, or HIFU, is a minimally invasive treatment option for localized prostate cancer that offers a balance between eliminating cancer and maintaining quality of life. HIFU is a new ,latest and most advanced technique for treatment of low grade prostate cancer. HIFU involves no surgery, no radiation , good cancer control ,minimal morbidity and also early return of erections and good urinary control.

HIFU procedure may be an option for men diagnosed with organ-confined prostate cancer. During the procedure, precisely focused ultrasound waves raise the temperature of the targeted prostate tissue to 195 degrees Fahrenheit in 2-3 seconds. This rapid-firing heat destroys the targeted tissue while leaving structures outside the targeted tissue unharmed.

HIFU, which is short for high intensity focused ultrasound, is the focusing of high intensity sound waves to create heat at a specific point, called the focal point. With state-of-the-art technology, HIFU can be used to destroy targeted tissue during a procedure that is individually customized for each patient’s prostate cancer treatment. When HIFU energy is delivered to a specific location within the body, the tissue that is malignant or desired to be removed is destructed, while the tissue outside the focal point remains unharmed.

The HIFU procedure deploys minimally invasive use of intersecting, precision-focused ultrasound waves to ablate diseased tissue. Temporary catheter has to be worn for approximately 2-3 weeks; and the patient can resume normal lifestyle almost immediately.

HIFU is a Minimally Invasive Prostate Cancer Therapy

HIFU is an outpatient procedure general performed under local or general anesthesia that is completely radiation free. Because HIFU is non surgical, there is no incisions or blood loss and recovery is quick. HIFU therapy can be repeated, if necessary. It can also be used as a salvage therapy if other prostate cancer treatment options fail.

Because it uses clean, ultrasound energy it doesn’t cause harm to any tissue surrounding the targeted focal point.

Advantages of HIFU Treatment

• No blood loss

• Quick recovery

• Non surgical

• Radiation free

• An outpatient procedure

This is most modern technique ideal for treatment of low grade prostate cancer. It involves no surgery, no radiation , good cancer control, minimal morbidity. HIFU helps to improve the quality of life after Treatment and there are some more advantages like early return of erections and good urinary control.

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