Partial Knee Replacement Surgery at World class hospitals in India now a major draw for medical tourism

Partial knee replacement surgeryA partial knee replacement surgery or a unicompartmental knee anthroplasty is now attracting a large number of patients from USA, Europe and Africa to world class hospitals in India. The leading surgeons in India  have gained tremendous experience and are now doing this surgery  with almost perfect outcomes. This minimally invasive knee joint replacement is done with only a 3 to 5 inches incision and recovery to normal life is faster.

Unicompartmental knee anthroplasty can help treat severe knee damage caused by an injury or diseases like arthritis. Originally, people used to undergo a total knee replacement surgery for this purpose, where all the cartilage from the knee joint was replaced with metal and plastic prosthetics. However, in the partial knee replacement surgery procedure, only the damaged area of the cartilage is removed from the joint and the healthy parts of the joint are left intact. Therefore, if you go in for the partial knee replacement surgery, most of your original knee structure remains intact.

The most  suitable candidates for the partial knee replacement surgery are in cases where arthritis or injury has affected only one side of the knee.You may also be eligible for this surgery, in case you are over 60 years old and are suffering from extreme pain in the knee.

The incisions used in the partial knee replacement surgery procedure are much smaller than total knee replacement surgery. Therefore, partial knee replacement surgery recovery is usually faster than total knee replacement.

The patient is mobilized at the hospital just a day after the surgery and is able to put  entire weight on the  knee immediately. During this stage, it is good for you to take short, frequent walks, with someone helping you. For the first 3 or 4 weeks after the surgery, you will need support to move around. Exercises like swimming, walking and cycling are good for your knee after the surgery; though you need the doctor’s approval.

 Cost of partial knee replacement surgery

The cost of partial knee replacement surgery at affiliated world class hospital in India is about 8000 US Dollars while in the US could be anywhere between US$ 30,000 and US$ 60,000, depending upon your doctor’s fees as well as the state and hospital you choose to get operated in., the leading medical travel facilitators has a unique business model that provides ZERO COST ASSISTANCE to International patients which has helped many international patients access high quality Partial Knee Joint Replacement   surgery in India at fraction of the cost. helps patients find the best hospital and surgeon to obtain  free no obligation opinions from them, and then plan all aspects like get India visa, air tickets, stay accommodation in India pre and post surgery.

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