Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant to treat Multiple Myeloma performed successfully at Safemedtrip affiliate World Class hospital in India Hospital

A patient with Multiple Myeloma was treated with autologous bone marrow transplantation recently. The advanced oncology procedure was undertaken by a team of experienced oncologists in a reputed hospital in India.

The patient came with symptoms of bone pain, recurrent fractures due to weak bones, weakness fatigue, history of recurrent chest infections suggesting low immunity .After complete examination and a series of investigation that involved blood tests, X-rays etc. she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells of the blood that are responsible for body’s immunity. The cancerous cells throng the bone marrow preventing production of healthy cells.

The advanced procedure involves harvesting the patient’s healthy bone marrow from her own bones.Autologous means one’s own self. Bone marrow is present in all long bones and consists of stem cells that have the property to differentiate and take up function of any cell in the body. The entire procedure involves 3 steps. The first step is Apheresis in which bone marrow cells are taken from the bone site and released into the patient’s blood stream for circulation. After which they are harvested again. The second stage consists of high dose chemotherapy to clean out the bad cells in the blood. The third step involves transfusion of previously harvested stem cells into the patient’s blood where they take up the function of the immune cells and reconstitute the immune system. Though the entire procedure is tiring for the patient but the outcome is much better than any other procedure as it offers cure for a longer time.

The patient was discharged hale and hearty after 2 weeks of postoperative stay in the hospital.

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