How much does a slipped disc surgery cost in hospitals like Fortis, Apollo, Vedanta, etc.?

A Slipped Disc can be painful and a life-altering condition. But with proper medical attention and surgery, you can rid yourself of pain.

The slipped disc makes it difficult to stand or sit for longer hours. It’s only after diagnosis, your doctor will be able to recommend best-suited treatment or the surgery.

slipped disc surgery

However, before we talk about the surgery cost, it’s important that you understand what exactly is slipped-disc and how it is caused.

Between our spine are discs that act as shock absorbers and help cushion our bones. So when these discs bulge or rupture (during severe cases) to an extent that it causes a jelly-like substance called ‘nucleus pulposus’ within it to protrude, it compresses the nerves thereby causing a condition called slipped disc.

You can develop slipped disc in any part of the spine or neck but it is commonly found in the lower back.

slipped disc surgery

Common Causes:

The primary cause of slipped disc is wear and tear – as you age, your disc may lose elasticity and become more prone to damage. It may also be caused due to lifting something the wrong way such that it exerts pressure on the spine. Besides, sitting with the wrong posture, in a way that it puts more pressure on the spine or exercising incorrectly for a long period can contribute to disc damage.

cause of slipped disc

How to differentiate between backache and slipped disc?

Generally speaking, if you experience numbness or pain that radiates down your legs, it’s likely you have slipped disc. Also, pain caused due to backache may go away within a month or two but the pain caused by slipped disc may only become severe with time. However, only diagnostic tests such as MRI, CT Scans or X-Rays can confirm your condition.

cause of slipped disc

Treatment of Slipped Disc:

Coming back to slipped disc treatment options and cost, surgery is often recommended after conservative methods such as anti-inflammatory medication, physiotherapy and steroid injections have exhausted.

However, if you consider going ahead with the slipped-disc surgery in countries like the US or Europe, minimally invasive surgery may cost you approx $20,000 and $10,000, respectively depending on the area and also if it’s an outpatient/inpatient procedure.

But, to the contrary, the same minimally-invasive surgery for a slipped disc in hospitals such as Apollo, Medanta, Columbia Asia or BLK will cost you only around $ 3,300 in India.

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