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Cervical discs act as cushions or shock absorbers between the bones of the neck and back, or the vertebrae. If the discs are damaged, they can move out of their normal position and apply pressure on the central spinal cord or the nerve roots. This can cause neck pain, tingling sensations and numbness in the arms. Cervical disc replacement surgery involves the replacement of an injured or degenerated cervical disc with an artificial device. This process helps maintain all forms of motion and has been found to have positive long-term clinical outcomes. Given the advantages of this procedure, it is easy to see why patients are seeking cervical total disc replacement in India.

Surgery for cervical disc disease typically involves removing the disc that is pinching the nerve or pressing on the spinal cord. This surgery is called a discectomy. Depending on where the disc is located, the surgeon can remove it through a small incision either in the front (anterior discectomy) or back (posterior discectomy) of the neck while you are under anesthesia.

A similar technique, microdiscectomy, removes the disc through a smaller incision using a microscope or other magnifying device  and With cervical fusion surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged disc and places a bone graft (which is taken either from the patient’s hip or from a cadaver) in the space between the vertebrae. The bone graft will eventually fuse to the vertebrae above and below it. A metal plate may be screwed into the vertebrae above and below the graft to hold the bone in place while it heals and fuses with the vertebrae. Discectomy with cervical fusion can help relieve the pain of spinal disc disease. The only caveat is that after the surgery, many people find that they lose some degree of movement in their neck.

Benefits of Cervical Disc Replacement

  • Artificial disc surgery has lesser chances of requiring a revision surgery, compared to spinal fusion surgery
  • Normal neck motion can be maintained
  • Unlike the spinal fusion surgery the adjacent spinal discs in case of cervical disc replacement don’t have to bear the extra stress .
  • Eliminates the need for a painful bone graft
  • Recovery time is quicker compared to the fusion surgery.
  • Lesser number of patients need a hard collar following the cervical Disc Replacement surgery.

  Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery in India

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