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A “Scarless Treatment for Disc Prolapse” also known as “Disc Nucleoplasty

Percutaneous treatment also known as Disc Nucleoplasty has emerged as the best alternative for open disc surgery. Disc nucleoplasty is an innovative percutaneous method of healing disc disease. affiliated world class hospitals in India are fully equipped with the facility for percutaneous day care treatment for cervical and lumbar disc prolapse.

A highly experienced Neuro and Spine Surgeon in India said, “There is a rapid increase in spine problems among the younger generation today owing to their lifestyle and working habits. Innovative technology like this is the need of the hour.”

A spine procedure performed on an Outpatient basis!

Disc Nucleoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis, with minimal anesthesia requirements. Fluoroscopic guidance is employed as an introducer needle is placed at the nucleus/annulus junction. A SpineWand is introduced through the passage way, and advanced into the disc nucleus. Using Coblation, tissue is then removed by either creating channels (lumbar spine) or spheres (cervical spine). After sufficient tissue is removed, a bandage is placed on the skin and the patient is discharged home. Patients are then usually placed on a routine rehabilitation program.

Nucleoplasty is recommended for patients who have not responded to rest, medical intervention (including steroid injection), and/or physical therapy.

There are many people across the world who suffers from slipped disc problem. In 90 per cent of these cases, the disc prolapsed is contained or limited to the disc space and are not suitable for the traditional discectomy surgery involving the complete removal of the diseased disc. The open surgery is an overkill leading to unsatisfied results, more complications and costly procedure.

In such clinical circumstances, percutaneous treatment also known as disc nucleoplasty has emerged as the best alternative. Moreover the cost of Disc Nucleoplasty at affiliated hospitals in India is minimal. Conventionally the disc prolapse is treated with bed rest and analgesics but with limited relief.

Many successful Nucleoplasty procedures have been performed in India. This minimally invasive approach to treating contained disc herniations has helped most of the International patients return to active and productive lives with effective cost savings. To know more about this Disc Neucleoplast as a day care spine procedures please feel comfortable to visit Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India   

Expert Neuro and Spine Surgeons in India who have ample experience in performing this procedure said that, “Spinal Surgery is fast becoming a major sub-speciality in neurosurgery”. Disc nucleoplasty is an innovative percutaneous method of healing disc disease. Disc prolapse can occur in lumbar as well cervical region causing low back pain, radiating pain and neck pain respectively. Related symptoms are excruciating pain, numbness, tingling sensation in hands and legs, burning and weakness of the limbs. The patient will have restricted movement, walking, bending and doing normal day to day activities becomes very difficult. The severe pain results in incapacitation leading to loss of man hours.

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