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Liver Transplant Surgery from Top Specialists in India

Liver Transplant Surgery
  • Highly skilled team with vast experience and excellent track record of doing more than 750 Live related donor liver transplants done with survival rates comparable to world’s best centers. i.e., a success rate of 95% for the patients and an excellent safety record for the donors. A preferred destination for patients from all over the world.
  • Amongst the largest dedicated centers globally offering Living Donor, Deceased (Cadaver) Donor, adult and pediatric liver transplantation, combined with non-operative cutting edge treatments such as stem cell therapy and liver cell transplantation.
  • Dedicated Centre for Pediatric Liver Diseases and Pediatric Liver Transplantation.
  • Most advanced Technology Infrastructure – Blood Bank with 24 hour apharesis facility, advanced laboratory and microbiology (infection control) support, advanced cardiology, DSA and interventional radiology, portable and colour ultra-sonology, Liver Fibro-scan, 64 slice CT scanner, 3 T MRI, PET-CT and nephrology (including 24 hour dialysis and CVVHD) facilities.Request a Call BackRequest a Call Back
Liver Transplant Surgery

What About the Donor?

Liver Transplant Surgery - donor

For a Transplant Surgery There are Two Types of Donors.

Living Donor – As the name indicates, a living donor is a living and active person. In this case the liver donation is possible from a close relative of the recipient.

Cadaveric Donor- A Cadaveric Donor is a brain dead person (refers to the irreversible end of all brain activity and the patient is on advanced life support system) . In this case a donation is possible from a person whose family wishes to donate the person’s organs before discontinuing life support.

Important Note: In India there is long waiting list for Cadaveric Donors since cadaveric organs are not frequently available and the wait for such donors may extend to several months. For Overseas patients, only living donor liver transplants are recommended, which requires them to bring a healthy, willing donor (a close relative or family member only) with them when they come for a transplant. Cadaveric transplants are not practical for overseas patients. Moreover the success rate for Living Donor Liver Transplantation is more than the Cadaveric Donor Liver Transplantation.

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A Donor has to Fulfill the following Criteria for Liver Donation

Liver Donation
  • Willingness to donate.
  • Age between 18-55 years.
  • Weight between 50-85kg.
  • He/She must a close relative or family member only.
  • Matching blood groups of the donor and recipient.
  • Normal functioning and structure of liver and other body organs.
  • Sufficient volume of liver should be available for the recipient when half of the liver of the donor is used.
The suitability of the donor for the donation would be determined by the Liver Transplant Team after studying the above mentioned aspects and performing a series of medical tests.Refer a PatientRefer a Patient

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Q. What About The Waiting Period?

A. For a Living Donor Transplant there is now waiting period at all. SafeMedTrip ensures a zero waiting period to all its customers. SafeMedTrip books all the appointments, hospital room etc. in advance for its customers.

Q. How Many Days The Patient and The Donor Need to Stay in India?

The patient has to stay in India for a total of about 3 months including pre-transplant evaluation and preparation, the actual transplant and stabilization in the immediate post transplant follow up period. After transplant, the patient will have to be in hospital for a month and after the discharge from the hospital, the patient has to stay in India for another 5-7 weeks for follow up. The donor (close relative or family member only) is discharged from hospital after 8-10 days and allowed to go out his/her home country after another 12-15 days of stay in India. After going back to the home country he/she can lead a very normal life as it was before the liver donation.

Q. What about the Stay in India After The Discharge from the Hospital?

A.SafeMedTrip has tie-ups with several hotels, guest houses, service apartments etc located nearby hospitals and we will help you in finding and booking suitable place for the patient and the donor. Usually the room charges may vary from 50-120 US Dollars per night depending upon the type of room and the hotel you choose.

Q. What About Travel?

A. You must have a Passport and will have to apply for Indian Visa at the Indian Embassy in your home country before you can fly to India for the surgery. will arrange a formal letter from the Hospital/Surgeon which will enable you to get Indian Visa on priority within 7 days of application.

Q. Do I Need to Pay For The Services of SafeMedTrip?

A. We do not charge any fees or collect any money upfront from our customers. The customer makes the payment directly to the hospital after the admission. Various modes are available for making payment to the hospital- cash, bank wire transfer, credit or debit cards, travellers cheque etc.

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