Who is the best pediatric heart surgeon in India?

Who is the best pediatric heart surgeon in India

Cardiac surgery in kids is usually undertaken when the risk of operating is far less than not operating at all. Having said that, most children born with congenital heart defects need heart surgery. However, at times, they may acquire heart defects while growing up too.

Procedures may range from the simple, such as closing a hole or tying off a vessel, to the complex, such as switching vessels or repairing heart valves.

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As with adults, cardiac surgery among children carries certain risks. These usually depend on various factors such as:

  • Child’s age
  • General health condition
  • Nature of heart defect
  • Other medical conditions

Therefore, for any kind of heart ailment in children, it is advisable to refer to a qualified and experienced paediatric cardiac surgeon only.

What’s special about Paediatric Heart Surgeons in India?

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India has some of the finest pediatric heart surgeons who are experts in their field. They offer cardiac procedures – from simple to complex – for premature infants to young adults – with utmost precision, compassion and dedication.

As a parent or a guardian, it’s important that if your child is diagnosed with any kind of cardiac problem you should only get your child treated by an experienced pediatric heart surgeon only. They don’t just have a better understanding of children’s problems but also have higher success rates.

Having said that, a number of certified hospitals such as Apollo, BLK, Medanta and Fortis etc in India have experienced and qualified paediatric heart surgeons. These doctors are skilled enough to know not just how to operate, but also when and what type of surgery is needed in your child’s case.

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They use advanced imaging techniques such as cardiac MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), echocardiography and 3-D imaging, to create a personalised treatment plan that meets your child’s unique health needs.

They are experts in performing minimally invasive treatments and use of mechanical heart devices. Besides, the paediatric heart surgery cost in India is much affordable if you compare it with our countries globally.

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