Robotic Heart Surgery is here to stay – Pin point precision and minimal risk.

patient-heartThe future of robotics in the field of medical science is very bright. With more and more Indian surgeons uninhibitedly embracing the new technology across various specialities, the place of robots in the operation theatre is assured in the coming future.

Top surgeons in India are using the robotic technology to perform complex and intricate operations as they have realised precision and reach of robotic arms is deeper and more accurate.

The Robotic Heart Surgery is the latest in the list of surgeries to be performed using a robot.

robotic-surgeryRobot-assisted heart surgery combines advanced computer technology with expertise of a qualified and experienced skilled surgeon. This technology provides the surgeon with a magnified, 3D-image of the body’s intricate anatomy through a small incision. The surgeon uses very small surgical instruments that can bend and rotate more than the human wrist. Thereby the surgeon can operate with enhanced precision, dexterity and control to perform even the most complex surgery. In robot-assisted heart surgery, instead of cutting the breast-bone (sternum) the surgeon makes a small incision between the rib-space and performs heart surgery.

With the help of robot-assisted cardiac surgery, open heart surgery will soon become a minimally invasive procedure in which patients will have no ugly scars to remind them of the heart surgery. It is predicted that robotic cardiac surgery, which makes use of surgeon-operated but computer-controlled surgical system, will be routinely deployed in a minimally invasive manner with greater surgical precision. This type of surgery is expected to relieve various heart conditions such as blocked heart arteries congenital heart defects, and heart valve diseases. This procedure cuts down the hospital stay and improves patient care with lesser pain, faster recovery of incisions and earlier resumption of normal activity.

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