Afghan Man’s ‘Bird Face Deformity’ Successfully Treated By Doctors At Safemedtrip Affiliated World Class Hospital In India

oral-maxillofacial-surgeryA 21-year-old patient from Kabul, Afghanistan, who was unable to open his mouth more than a few millimetres, was successfully treated by a team led by Maxillofacial Surgeon, at SafeMedTrip affiliated  World Class Hospital in India

The patient suffered from the classical Bird Face Deformity, which restricted his mouth opening to barely 10 mm, instead of the normal 35-40 mm. He had suffered a jaw injury as a child, which fused his jaw bone with the skull and made it immobile, leading to the progressive inability to open his mouth.

For all his life, 21-year-old Harman Abdullah had never tasted the delicacies like Yakhni pulao and Korma his mother cooked. This was not because he lived away from her, but because he could never open his mouth wider than a few millimeters to bite into them. Abdullah (form Kabul) presented our network hospitalwith Classical bird face deformity which restricted his mouth opening to barely 10 mm (against a normal 35-40 mm mouth opening).

Abdullah had a history of trauma to the temporo-madibular joint as a child (which fused his jaw into the skull and made it immobile), leading to progressive inability to open his mouth. He had been operated twice as a child back home to improve his condition but not much to his avail. Abdullah also had a severely retruded chin as his bone had not grown as any other normal child affecting his physical appearance. As a result, he could not completed his schooling and had no peer.  Due to his condition, he could not maintain proper oral hygiene and was malnourished and weak in his overall well-being.

 “It was one of the most challenging surgeries. During the two earlier surgeries – doctors had tried to separate the jaw from the skull but his condition only marginally improved. A 3D CT scan showed fusion of the lower jawbone to the skull, leading to the diagnosis of Bilateral Temporo- Mandibular joint ankylosis. The Maxillofacial Surgery  was planned in two stages – improve mouth opening and improve aesthetic. The surgical phase was divided into 3 parts. In the first part Inter positional arthroplasty where a wide bony gap is created at the jaw joint region, with interpose local flap, followed by aggressive mouth opening exercise and physiotherapy was carried out. ‘Post this surgery, the patient  was able to open his mouth to as wide as 35 mm much to his and his family’s disbelief. His mother wept,’ recalled the surgeon

The second stage was carried out 6 months after the first surgery. This was the distractor placement and distraction phase – where the bone was divided at the mandibular angle region and gradually moved apart 1cm a day using a mandibular distraction device. ‘We achieved 20 mm of bone distraction by the end of a month,’ In the third and last stage which followed four months after the second surgery – called the consolidation phase- the distractor was removed and an advancement genioplasty was done to achieve results. ‘The total treatment time took one-and-a-half years from start to end and the patient visited the hospital thrice with and average hospital stay period 4 days each time and 1months in India . The patient has now returned to India for a medical follow up and a much-improved health and overall well-being.

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