World’s Smallest Leadless Cardiac Pacemaker is Just Slightly Bigger Than a Match stick.

pacemaker-patientMicra Transcatheter Pacing System can do everything a conventional larger sized cardiac pacemaker can. Miniscule in size, this pacemaker is absolutely wire free and is a self-contained battery operated device with a battery life of over 12 years. Initially recommended for those with atrial fibrillations (irregular heart rate), this device clings on to the ventricle wall and regularises the heartbeat.

This amazing new device does not require a large incision to place it in place so it is cosmetically pleasant to the patient. It does not require a surgical incision for creation of a “pocket” under the skin which eliminates any visible sign of the device and any potential source of complications.Does not require a surgical incision or creation of a “pocket” under the skin, which eliminates any visible sign of the device and a potential source of complications.

Since it has no wires there are no chances of wires malfunctioning during infection to surrounding areas. The vitamin sized device is inserted through a catheter in the femoral vein. It is a minimally invasive procedure which reduces the risk of postoperative complications.

The small size of the pacemaker allows the patients to undergo MRI scans which are not possible if they are fitted with conventional pacemakers.

Though marketed as a single chambered pacemaker, this device will soon have all the features of a multi chamber pacemaker.

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