The Evolution in Breast cancer treatment – New Oncoplastic techniques can avoid Mastectomy

Oncoplastic  breast surgery is one of the most interesting and challenging new developments. It allows large areas of the breast to be removed without the need for a mastectomy. The focus of the surgery is wide local excision of the cancer by removal of a large chunk of the breast tissue coupled with partial reconstruction of the defect in the breast to achieve a cosmetically acceptable result. Avoidance of mastectomy, consequent reduction of psychological morbidity and patient satisfaction are the main outcome in the development of various oncoplastic techniques . Also, it would be unreasonable to remove a breast lesion and allow the fluid (seroma) to fill the wound resulting in subsequent deformity. Thus, there is clearly a growing demand for cosmetically acceptable breast conserving surgery, point out doctors.

Cancer specialists point out that of late, oncoplastic breast conservation surgery, chiefly undertaken in stage I and II of cancer, is replacing mastectomy and this relatively recent advancement in the field of breast cancer treatment has successfully brought down trauma caused by surgical removal of breasts. Moreover, with an increasing number of cancer cases detected among women in the age bracket of 30’s, doctors are stressing on the need for oncoplastic breast conservation surgery.

However, oncoplastic surgery should not be confused with breast reconstruction done after mastectomy. Whereas it is possible for a surgeon to perform a mastectomy and then allow the plastic surgeon to carry out the reconstruction, this is not feasible in oncoplastic breast conservative surgery, as it requires knowledge of both oncological and plastic surgery in one person for a good oncological and cosmetic outcome. The concept of the oncoplastic breast surgeon is a new one and it requires the combination of knowledge in three different specialties: surgical oncology, plastic surgery and breast radiology

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