Minimally Invasive Procedure Saves Life Of A Boy With Rare Head Neck Tumor

Using innovative techniques to save human life in complex situations is the motto of Safemedtrip affiliate hospitals.

SafeMedTrip affiliate hospital carried out a very complex surgery to save the life of a 15 year old boy suffering from a very rare and life threatening head and neck tumour. Combined and collaborated efforts of a multidisciplinary team consisting of neurologists, oncosurgeons, paediatric anaesthetists, and Rhinologists completed this procedure in 5 hours using sophisticated medical technology and surgical expertise.

The boy had come to the hospital with a complaint of recurrent nose bleed. An MRI and CT scan of the skull helped to identify the type and location of tumour. A large rare skull based tumour called as Angiofibroma was found just behind the nose and throat which caused the bleeding. If it increased in size, it could cause facial deformity and blindness.

A new navigation technology that acted as the GPS for the head and neck was used to help the surgeons during the operation. It guided the surgeons while working near the important arteries veins and nerves in the head and neck.

During the course of minimally invasive procedure, endoscope was used to view the inside of the skull and microscopic instruments were passed through the endoscope to resect the tumour with extreme care. The entire surgery was completed in 5 hours and the patient was discharged after two days without any visible facial scar.

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