Breakthrough Achieved in the Treatment of Stomach Cancer

Patients suffering from stomach cancer have a very poor prognosis. But not anymore, because a new treatment protocol has been discovered which is proving to be successful in the clinical trials.

Stomach cancer is a malignant cancer that arises from the cells lining the stomach wall or the blood and lymph vessels supplying the stomach. The cancer is completely curable if detected in the initial stages. Unfortunately, most cases that reach the oncologist are already in the advanced stages in which the cancer spreads beyond the stomach and affects nearby organs causing a very bleak outcome.

Chemotherapy at normal temperatures is the choice of treatment in any type of cancer but in stomach cancer, the lining of the stomach acts as a barrier for the chemicals and prevents the treatment from being effective.

Hot chemotherapy is the new treatment protocol which proposes to remove the inner lining of the stomach wall (cyto-reductive surgery- CRS) and then administer chemotherapy at higher temperatures of around 42 degrees Celsius (Hyper-thermic Intra Peritoneal Chemotherapy- HIPEC).

It is believed that this new protocol (CRS-HIPEC) will help to improve the quality of life and life expectancy in advanced cases of stomach cancer patients. This can also be done on select colorectal cancer cases also.

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