Metastasis, is responsible for over 90 percent of cancer-related deaths in Humans – A ketogenic diet kills metastatic Cancer Cells

In the study, Advanced metastatic cancer were fed either a standard high carbohydrate diet or carbohydrate-restricted ketogenic diet. Mice on both diets also received hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which uses a special chamber to increase the amount of oxygen in the tissues.

The ketogenic diet forces a physiological shift in substrate utilization from glucose to fatty acids and ketone bodies for energy. Normal healthy cells readily adapt to using ketone bodies for fuel, but cancer cells lack this metabolic flexibility, and thus become selectively vulnerable to reduced glucose availability. Solid tumors also have areas of low oxygen, which promotes tumor growth and metastatic spread.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing 100 percent oxygen at elevated barometric pressure, saturating the tumors with oxygen. When administered properly, both the ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are non-toxic and even protect healthy tissues while simultaneously damaging cancer cells.

The research shows the effects of combining two nontoxic adjuvant cancer therapies, the ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, in a mouse model of late-stage, metastatic cancer. While both therapies slowed disease progression independently, animals receiving the combined ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen therapy lived 78 percent longer than mice fed a standard high-carbohydrate diet.

Metastasis, the spreading of cancer from the primary tumor to distant spots, is responsible for over 90 percent of cancer-related deaths in humans. A lack of available therapies effective against metastatic disease remains the largest obstacle in finding a cure for cancer.

How you can incorporate this into your lifestyle to not let cancer cells grow:

  • Restrict carbohydrates and replace them with healthy fats available in fish oil, nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil (raw) and healthy protein available in soy milk, nuts, eggs, fish and tofu. Concentrate on low glycemic index, high fibre carbohydrates in small quantities like oats, bajra, ragi, all bran wheat.
  • When eating fruit, combine with nuts to avoid fructose related sugar spikes in the blood. The vitamins and minerals in fruits are anti-cancer hence fruits and fruit fibre are very important. Go for low GL foods like apple, papaya and fruits like pineapples with anti-inflammatory qualities. Consume raw, not in juice form as fructose quantity is high in juices.
  • To adapt hyperbaric oxygen therapy for prevention and to oxygenate your organs, practice pranayama every day for 20-30 min. This will flush out the toxins from the blood and re-energise you while increasing oxygen in the blood flow, hence killing tumour cells in your body.
  • Remember, a strong immune system will fight cancer and tumour cells, and a ketogenic diet combined with oxygenating your body goes a long way in building immunity.

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