A successful Hip Replacement Surgery at world renowned Indian hospital helps a 53 year old woman to sit up again after 20 yrs. She was bedridden and suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis!

For last 20 years she was bedridden due to Rheumatoid Arthritis which caused all her joints below the neck, including her knees and hips to fuse over a slow period.

After noticing that the patient requires both Hip Replacement surgery and Knee Replacement Surgery, the doctors decided to conduct a Hip Replacement Surgery in the first phase which will be followed by a Knee replacement surgery in second phase to enable her to sit and stand on her feet giving her a chance to live an independent life.

Now a day the Joint Replacement Surgery in India has gained much popularity among International patients due to its affordability, high success rate, zero infection and availability of top quality implants, highly experienced world renowned surgeons and world class hospitals providing International quality care. Due to these reasons International patients from USA, UK, Canada, France, and Denmark etc have chosen Safemedtrip affiliated hospitals in India as a prime destination for availing treatment on Joint, Knee Surgeries, Hip Surgeries etc. More information on knee & hip joint surgery can be obtained by visiting Hip Replacement Surgery  where one can find solution to their acute joint problems.

Last week, the 53-year-old female patient underwent a Hip replacement surgery at renowned hospital in India by a team of highly experienced Orthopaedic Surgeons. We all know that Joint Pain is primarily associated as an issue with the elderly but there is an alarming increase in younger people suffering from joint issues. This lady was also suffering Joint pains since 20 years.

Knee / Hip replacement surgery is really a miraculous surgery for a person who is severely suffering from knee & hip joint pains and is unable to sit or walk. But hospitals in India affiliated with Safemedtrip.com have made it very easy for all those who want value for money and international quality care. It’s amazing to know that a Unilateral/Bilateral knee replacement or Hip replacement surgery is very affordable in India especially for international patients which range between 7800 – 12000 US dollars.

After a successful hip replacement surgery she can now sit up and in another 3 months, the orthopaedic surgeons will perform a knee replacement surgery to enable her use her knees as well.

“The Hip Replacement surgery has been performed successfully and she is sitting after 20 years,” said her mother full of emotions and tears. Till now, she had been using her bed as a prop to walk. Doctors added that after her knee replacement operation, she will be able to bend her knee.

However doctors say there is no surgery to rectify the fusion of bones in the neck and spine. In this unique Hip Replacement surgery the doctors have used a material called oxinium (oxidised zirconium). These implants have been implanted in her hips which will last for at least 20 years.

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