Advanced Minimally Invasive Procedures for Conducting Complex Cardiac Surgeries

One of the leading healthcare provider and pioneer in minimally invasive procedures in India, has developed an advanced technique for conducting complex cardiac surgeries with greater precision and improved patient outcomes.

The ‘Minimal Access Cardiac Surgery’ method, successfully improvised and deployed by Senior Consultant and Chief Cardiovascular surgeon at one of the leading Hospital in India, has been performed on more than 500 heart patients with remarkable success at the hospital.

The chief executive officer, at the Hospitals, said: “Minimally invasive technique is a significant milestone in the efforts to tackle heart diseases increasing alarmingly among certain communities.

“Recent studies have shown that high prevalence of diabetes and obesity has made Gulf Citizens particularly prone to cardiovascular diseases and the large numbers of patients we receive every year from different countries validate such findings.”

According to a latest survey, patients in the Gulf die 12 years younger when they suffer their first cardiac episode when compared to those in Europe and the US.

While the average age of occurrence for the first cardiac episode in Europe and the US is 60 to 74, it is 40 to 50 in the Gulf, it said.

Heart disease is the top killer across countries and doctors point out that patients run the risk of dying within five years of a cardiac episode if the disease is not rigorously managed.

The Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS) is now increasingly preferred in heart surgeries because of its unique advantages, said a statement. Diabetics and older patients with less resistance to infections particularly rely on MICS as post-surgical infections risks and blood loss as well as hospital stay and recovery time are minimal, it said.

The Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery method involves a series of techniques and tools adapted in collaboration with leading industry partners to offer a less complex and more effective procedure for the benefit of the patient as well as the surgeon.

The highly advanced instrumentation and advanced techniques combined for guarantee a high level of safety too.

“Minimally invasive techniques help reach to heart valves and repair them through a small incision between the ribs, without having to split the breastbone (sternotomy) as in an open-heart surgery. Unlike previous techniques MICS helps to safely bypass all arterial blocks irrespective of their location, which in itself is a major advantage,” said Doctor.

“Going through the ribs provides more stability and patient benefit. This technique is a value addition to the proven benefits of MICS and we have been performing these procedures very safely,” he added.

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