Prostate Cancer Treatment gets a boost with the New Generation Non-invasive treatment – High intensity Focussed Ultrasound HIFU.

prostate-cancer-treatmentFor decades, doctors have been experimenting with therapeutic ultrasound, or the use of ultrasound to treat diseases as opposed to the more prosaic use for imaging babies and gallbladders. It’s not the first time that the technology has been heralded as a breakthrough. But the newer application to treat Prostate Cancer without surgery is the most promising.

High intensity Focussed Ultrasound or HIFU in short is all set to become the preferred choice of management of prostate cancer. The reasons are simple – short procedure of couple of hours, early discharge, faster recovery and back to normal routine activities within a week. On top of all this it is absolutely non-invasive which means no injury to skin and muscles, almost bloodless and minimal side effects. The unique treatment has been successfully benefitted a number of patients at leading  hospitals in India with excellent results.

prostate-cancer-hifuProstate cancer is seen in elderly males between 40-60 years of age. The common symptoms are pain when passing urine, frequent urination, a sense of not completely emptying the bladder, blood in the urine and semen or bone pain. The standard protocol for prostate cancer is Radical prostatectomy which involves removal of the gland along with nearby lymph nodes. The recovery period is longer and patient may end up with urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

To overcome these complications, Urologists in India are trying out the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), latest technique that does not require the removal of the entire prostate gland. Instead, it cooks the prostate tissue with ultrasound beams, passed by a robotic arm through the patient’s rectum, destroying and evaporating all the cancerous cells. The temperature is rapidly increased to 90 degrees Celsius in a matter of seconds which destroys the tissue. As this is an image guided procedure, the surgeon can see the inside of the prostate gland leaving no room for error during surgery.

HIFU is a one-time procedure performed under regional anaesthesia and can completely cure prostate as large as 40 grams.

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