Young boy rejoices to experience Clearer Sound and assured of a Lifetime of Better Hearing with advanced Bone Conduction Cochlear Implant

cochlear-implantBorn without one ear and adjoining ear canal and poorly formed other ear, the possibility of him listening to his mother’s voice was just impossible. Hearing aids were not helpful as he did not have a hearing canal. Diagnosed with maximum conductive deafness in both ears, he was turned down for any reconstructive procedure as well. When his parents had almost given up, BAHA Attract, an innovative bone conduction hearing system, came to their rescue. This new device has reinstated the ability of hearing enabling him to join mainstream school. A few weeks course with a trained speech and language therapist after the surgery has helped him to speak clearly and fluently helping him interact with his peers in school. The parents are ecstatic and their joy knows no bounds.

cochlear-implantsBAHA Attract, introduced in India last year by Cochlear Limited, Australia-based cochlear implant company, is considered the most recent innovation in the technology of Osseo-integration, a phenomenon where bone integrates with titanium and forms a firm bond. “BAHA stands for Bone Anchored Hearing Aid and this device taps bone conduction physiology to the fullest and bypasses the external and middle ear to conduct sound directly into the inner ear. This procedure can treat and bring back 100% ability to hear in children aged five and above who have absent ear canals. This technology is available at select hospitals in the country.

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