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Cost in India

Chemotherapy Cost in India

Chemotherapy Cost in India

Treatment Cost Days in Hospital Return Air Ticket ($)
USD 1,100 1 day 800 to 1500 USD (Economy)

Chemotherapy cost in India ranges from 650-1100 USD per cycle. The cost depends on chemotherapy drugs, stage of cancer and other factors. Chemotherapy treatment is an out-patient treatment and lasts for a half-hour to two hours. The oncologist will provide an estimate of time involved.

Usually, a standard of 6 cycles of chemotherapy are advised, but it may vary depending on the staging of the disease. In some cases, it may require two cycles of chemotherapy depending on the stage of cancer. There are a series of tests, including Blood Tests, X-rays, Physical Examination, HIV and Hepatitis tests and tests to check lungs, heart, liver and kidneys, scans such as PET Scan etc.

Diagnosis for Chemotherapy

  • Chemotherapy can be used as the primary treatment for cancer. It kills cancer cells that may cause critical illness, breast cancer, blood cancer, lung cancer, etc.
  • Adjuvant Therapy- Chemotherapy can be used after other treatments, such as surgery, to kill any cancer cells that might remain in the body.
  • Neo-Adjuvant Therapy- Chemotherapy can be given before surgery or radiation to shrink a tumor so that other treatments are possible.
  • For Palliation- to relieve symptoms of cancer by killing some of the cancer cells in incurable cases.
    Chemotherapy is often used to prepare for a bone marrow transplant.
  • Immune System Disorders- Lower doses of chemotherapy drugs can help control an overactive immune system. Eg: in lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Patient Testimonials – What People Say about us

Cancer Treatment4.5 Star rating - emma-cameroon

Ms. Rebecca Kiruja From South Africa – Breast Cancer Treatment

Ms. Rebecca Kiruja From South Africa – Breast Cancer Treatment
“For a woman to be diagnosed with breast cancer can be the worst thing that can happen in her life. When I was diagnosed with it, I felt as if I had reached the end of the world. But then Safemedtrip happened to me and the rest was easy. They handled everything right from choosing the right doctor and the hospital to all the small details surrounding the surgery. FNAC and Biopsy test were done wth 2 days of my arrival at New Delhi hospital and I was taken up immediately for surgery followed by Hormonal treatment.
I sincerely appreciate everything you and all of your team have done for me. The arrangements were just superb, the hospital and the staff were world class. They made me comfortable at every step. Now that I am back home all hale and hearty, I can confidently say to people – If anyone needs a surgery, India is the destination and Safemedtrip your partner in the journey.”

Cancer Treatment5 Star rating

Takavarasha From Zimbabwe – Oral and Lung Cancer Treatment

Takavarasha From Zimbabwe came to India for Successful Lung Cancer Treatment

“My brother suffered from Multiple Myeloma Cancer fat a very young age, it was a family disaster for us and we all decided to put all our resources to give him a new lease of life.

We searched for good options for Cancer Treatment in India and came across SafeMedTrip website. We called and with in a matter of few hours we had so much of valuable information made available to us. At every step from getting medical tests done here in Nigeria to preparing for travel, medical visa etc, they helped us so much with very practical advice.

We arrived in India and were received at the airport. Everything that was promised to us by SafeMedTrip was in fact even better than what we could have imagined. The Cancer Treatment was absolutely successful and my brother is now back to normal and once again I must say thank you and God bless you.”

Refer a PatientRefer a Patient

How it Works – Get Most Affordable Treatment in India

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have decided that you want to get treatment in India you can email us your latest medical reports and accompanying X-Rays, MRI Scans and other relevant medical documents at or Call or WhatsApp us on +91-9899993637 for one to one discussion with our executives.

Once we receive your reports, we will get them reviewed by our medical experts and will send you a detailed treatment package consisting of doctor’s diagnosis, treatment plan, cost of treatment, duration of stay in hospital and duration of stay in India besides other relevant details.

Once you have confirmed to us that you want to proceed further to get treatment in India, our team will help you with the Indian medical visa assistance and documentation process. We will also help you in arranging for a comfortable local stay for you and your attendant. You don’t have to send any money in advance.

Savings can be from 30-50%, depending upon the procedure and the destination. Your treatment will be carried out from only the best hospitals in India that are NABH accredited and have specialists that are recognized globally for their expertise.

From the date you decide on one of the three affordable treatment packages offered to you. It may take 1- 3 weeks to obtain Medical Visa and book flight tickets. We have zero waiting period and you can be received at the Airport on arrival and immediately admitted at hospital and treatment will start.

Its advisable that you should delay your treatment particularly in case of severe illnesses like Cancer, Heart or Spine etc. Early start of treatment results in quick recovery and lower expense compared to delay of treatment.

The difference in cost package due to the labour and insurance costs of the hospital operating in India, and not by the difference in the quality of treatment.

Each patient is assigned to a SafeMedTrip Patient Case Manager who will take care of every single detail ranging from arrival to send off.

Yes, of course. We will provide you with complete assistance in selecting high-quality hotels near the hospital location that fits your budget.

You will be given a complete profile of the specialist before you proceed for the treatment. On special request, we will be happy to connect you with him through a teleconferencing service facilitated by Skype.

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Safemedtrip - Invaluable BenefitsFree Concierge ​Services​ –​ Once you decide to come to India, We will arrange ​Priority Scheduling of Hospital Appointments, Travel & Visa Assistance, Airport Pick up, Economical Hotel Stay, ​Complete ​Local Support​ ​24X7.​

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