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Computer Assisted Minimally Invasive Knee Joint Replacement, ACL Surgery by Top Orthopedic Surgeons at World Class Hospital in India

India -The Ultimate Destination for Knee Surgery.

Ms. Janet Biuware shares her experience of Knee Replacement in India


I had so many apprehensions and concerns prior to coming to India for surgery that I needed badly to regain my health. “Thanks for your always prompt responses to my volley of questions and concerns. I could not have managed even a step without your staff’s excellent care.

I couldn’t be happier with the Indian hospitals, surgeon, physicians and their expertise. Everyone is very professional yet compassionate. All staff nurses and doctors are very attentive. My stay during treatment in India was very comfortable.

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Why you should choose World Class Hospitals in India for Most Advanced Total Knee Replacement Surgery ?

Top Class Orthopedic Surgeons, some of whom have an experience of performing more than 10000 joint replacement surgeries.

Cost of Surgery just 1/6th of cost in USA, UK or Europe with finest quality implants, prosthesis and consumables imported from Leading International Companies.

World Class Hospitals having the latest technology like Computer Navigation, 64 slice CT, High end MRI, Neuro-navigation surgical systems, Neuro-physiology etc.

Specialized Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services help the patient to return back to normal activity quickly after the surgery.

Most Advanced Knee Joint Replacement options.

Fast-Track Knee Replacement

Fast-Track Knee Replacement “Enhanced Recovery Pathway” is a new approach in the field of knee replacements. The main advantage is that healthy patients with joint pain and acute knee problems can be fast-tracked to be operated under highly specialized and technically advanced procedures, discharged in shorter time with negligible pain, enabling speedy recovery, reduced hospital expenditures and greater patient satisfaction.

Our highly experienced and trained surgeons utilize the most advanced techniques to perform minimally invasive total knee replacements for faster and almost pain-free recovery.

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee ReplacementA large number of patients have arthritis limited to only one part of the knee joint alone. Replacing the whole joint in these patients is unnecessary. Therefore in this type of surgery only that part of the knee, which is unhealthy, is replaced.

The normal surfaces are left alone. This operation has several advantages over total knee replacement surgery like smaller incision, longer life of implant, reduced post operative hospitalization and much faster return to active life after knee replacement surgery.

Revision Knee Replacement

Knee ArthroscopicIt may be required to replace a worn out Knee Joint 15-20 years after the first Total Knee Replacement surgery. This kind of revision Knee joint replacement requires a very experienced and skillful surgeon who can remove the old implant and install a new one without causing any discomfort to the patient.

Such Revision Total Knee Replacement Surgeries are routinely done at our world class orthopedic hospitals in India using the most advanced prosthesis and Computer Assisted Surgical techniques what have so far produced excellent outcomes for our patients.

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement or Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), is a is a common surgical procedure most often performed to relieve the pain and disability from degenerative arthritis, meniscus tears, osteoarthritis of knee, cartilage defects, and ligament tears.

The most common cause for knee pain which needs Knee Replacement Surgery is osteoarthritis of knee. In Total Knee Replacement, the orthopedic surgeon removes damaged cartilage and bone from the surface of your knee joint and replaces them with a prosthesis/implant of metal and plastic. Total knee replacement can help put an end to arthritic pain in your knee and enable you to resume a functional and active lifestyle.

Simultaneous Bilateral Knee Replacement- Both Knee Replacement Surgery

Both Knee Replacement SurgeryOrthopedic surgeons may recommend both knees are required to be replaced in the same surgery, in one day. The benefit of simultaneous knee replacement is that both knee problems are taken care of at one time.

The overall stay and rehabilitation can be done in a shorter time, and there is only one time hospitalization, anaesthesia and quicker return to active life after the surgery. In ters of the surgery cost as well it is much more economical to replace both Knee joints in One surgery.

Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

Knee ArthroscopicKnee arthroscopic surgery is a procedure performed through small incisions in the skin to repair injuries to tissues such as ligaments, cartilage, or bone within the knee joint area.

The surgery is conducted by an orthopedic surgeon with the aid of an arthroscope, which is a very small instrument guided by a lighted scope attached to a television monitor.

Advanced Technology for Best Outcomes and Long Lasting Knee Joint Replacement.

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement SurgeryIn computer assisted Knee Replacement, the computer guides the surgeon in precisely planning the exact amount and angle of bone to be removed during surgery. This, in conventional method is done by simple eye-balling. This technology helps to perform the surgery through small incision (Minimally Invasive Surgery) with 100% precision, eliminating “Human Error” during surgery and helps in perfectly aligning and balancing of knee joint (with accuracy of 0.5 mm and 0.5 degrees). It also helps in increasing implant longevity (20-30 years).

Gender Specific Knee Surgery

Gender Specific Knee SurgeryA women’s anatomy is clearly different than a man’s anatomy. Research shows women and men are different all the way down to their knees. Taking this fact into consideration knee replacement implants have been designed based on an average size of women’s and men’s knees.

Now- a- days gender specific implants are extensively used in Knee Replacement Surgery for better results. A gender-specific Knee implant is a prosthesis that is a great boon for women and specifically designed for their needs.

High Flex Rotating knee Platform

High Flex Rotating knee PlatformThe design of the high flex implants closely replicate normal knee. Rotating knee replacement implants can swing backward and forward giving the knee flexibility to move forward and outward.

High flexion gives patient the freedom to the extent that the patient can even squat ,cross leg and sit on the floor.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and RehabilitationWhen you’re undergoing joint replacement, whether it’s for a hip or a knee, physical therapy plays a critical role in every stage of the process.Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services help the patient to return back to normal activity quickly after the surgery. Before you leave the hospital, your physiotherapist will show you a variety of exercises designed to help you regain mobility and strength in your joint. You should be able to perform these exercises at home. You will be shown how to safely climb and descend stairs and how to get into and out of a seated position once you return home. It is a good idea to enlist the help of friends or family once you do return home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have decided that you want to get treatment in India you can email us your latest medical reports and accompanying X-Rays, MRI Scans and other relevant medical documents at [email protected] or Call or WhatsApp us on +91-9899993637 for one to one discussion with our executives.

Once we receive your reports, we will get them reviewed by our medical experts and will send you a detailed treatment package consisting of doctor’s diagnosis, treatment plan, cost of treatment, duration of stay in hospital and duration of stay in India besides other relevant details.

Once you have confirmed to us that you want to proceed further to get treatment in India, our team will help you with the Indian medical visa assistance and documentation process. We will also help you in arranging for a comfortable local stay for you and your attendant. You don’t have to send any money in advance.

Savings can be from 30-50%, depending upon the procedure and the destination. Your treatment will be carried out from only the best hospitals in India that are NABH accredited and have specialists that are recognized globally for their expertise.

From the date you decide on one of the three affordable treatment packages offered to you. It may take 1- 3 weeks to obtain Medical Visa and book flight tickets. We have zero waiting period and you can be received at the Airport on arrival and immediately admitted at hospital and treatment will start.

Its advisable that you should delay your treatment particularly in case of severe illnesses like Cancer, Heart or Spine etc. Early start of treatment results in quick recovery and lower expense compared to delay of treatment.

The difference in cost package due to the labour and insurance costs of the hospital operating in India, and not by the difference in the quality of treatment.

Each patient is assigned to a SafeMedTrip Patient Case Manager who will take care of every single detail ranging from arrival to send off.

Yes, of course. We will provide you with complete assistance in selecting high-quality hotels near the hospital location that fits your budget.

You will be given a complete profile of the specialist before you proceed for the treatment. On special request, we will be happy to connect you with him through a teleconferencing service facilitated by Skype.

Patient Experience – Balondemu Darkwah from Uganda


I could not have managed even a step without your staff’s excellent care. Couldn’t be happier with the surgeon, physicians and their expertise. All staff nurses and doctors are very attentive.

Always available, kind and considerate. Your Case Managers are very personable and professional. My stay was very comfortable. Will recommend for sure.

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