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Advanced Technology and Hi Tech Implants for Elbow Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Top Class Joint Replacement Surgeons trained at global centres of Excellence.
  • State of the art Operation theatres which are built according to International specifications and requirements using laminar air flow system, thus ensuring best standards of infection control.
  • Most advanced Diagnostics and Support Infrastructure – 256 slice CT, High end MRI, PET scan etc.
  • Computer Navigation Surgery System for excellent outcomes and use of finest quality implants, prosthesis and consumables imported from Leading International Companies.
  • Specialized rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, to help patients return back to normal activity soon after the surgery.
  • High Quality Compassionate Care by well trained and experienced English-speaking staff.

About Elbow Joint Replacement Surgery

Elbow Joint Replacement SurgeryElbow joint replacement is surgery to replace the bones of the elbow joint with artificial joint parts (prosthetics). This surgery may also be termed as “Total elbow arthroplasty”, “Endoprosthetic elbow replacement”. This procedure is also becoming more widely used in aging adults to replace joints damaged by fractures. The artificial elbow is considered successful by more than 90% of patients who have elbow joint replacement. The elbow joint connects two bones: • The humerus in the upper arm • The ulna in the lower armRefer a PatientRefer a Patient

When is the Elbow Replacement Surgery Required ?

Elbow replacement surgery is usually done if the elbow joint is badly damaged and you have pain or cannot use your arm. Some major causes of damage are: Elbow Replacement Surgery
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Poor outcome from previous elbow surgery
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Badly broken bone in the upper or lower arm near the elbow
  • Badly damaged or torn tissues in the elbow
  • Tumour in or around the elbow
Elbow Surgery is Generally a Successful Procedure and Most Patients are Happy With the Results.
  • Elbow ReplacementReduction in pain or possibly a complete absence of pain and discomfort.
  • Improved flexibility and movement.
  • Prevents further deterioration and the risk of a disability.
  • Return to independence and normal routine.
  • Elbow replacement surgery enables them to return to their normal way of life.
  • Return to work, drive a car or use public transport and participate in sports and exercise. Back of self-dependence and freedom. Post a QueryPost a Query

Various Types of Elbow Surgeries

  • Tennis Elbow Surgery – Tennis elbow surgery consists of making an incision over the outside of the joint, and locating the area of the tendon that has suffered damage.
  • Elbow Arthritis Surgery – It is a very painful condition in Arthritis. Some patients are in so much pain that they need elbow surgery.
  • Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery – It is used to diagnose and treat conditions inside the joint.Request a Call BackRequest a Call Back

Advanced Technology and Hi Tech Implants for Elbow Joint Replacement Surgery

Elbow Joint Replacement SurgeryLatest technological advancements are now available for elbow implants, giving surgeons more options in their efforts to relieve pain and restore joint function. Elbow implants are very “high tech.” Their designs can be quite complex, and the materials used to make them, called biomaterials, are highly developed. The materials most commonly used have a long history of clinical use. There are many different biomaterials, but there’s no single biomaterial that is best for all implants and all patients. The specific requirements of an implant material vary depending on how the implant was designed to be used. Our Joint Replacement Surgeons in India will provide you with the options of very Hi Tech Next Generation Implants according to your medical requirement.Refer a PatientRefer a Patient

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People Say about us“My name is Linda from Houston, Tx and I am a 25 year old working in a Software Company. I had severeforearm and wrist pain since last 2 years. The pain used to increase on lifting objects. Our local hospital diagnosed me for having tennis elbow for which I received treatment in the form of analgesics, heat therapy, steroids and brace for 4 months. Twice I was given local steroid injections which resulted in temporary but incomplete relief. The severe pain persisted even after 10 months of therapy. Since I had no insurance I started to think about going to India for low cost surgery without compromising on the quality of treatment. I then came across SafeMedTrip which put me in touch with Dr Gupta at India’s most advanced hospital. I underwent a minimally invasive surgery where they performed debridement of extensor tendon origin with decompression of bone. This was followed by postoperative physiotherapy. Today after just 2 weeks I have no pain and I feel my hand is much better functionally and I really thank you all for helping me get back to my work so soon.”

Ms Linda, Houston From USA – Elbow Replacement SurgeryRequest a Call BackRequest a Call Back

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