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Artifical Limbs Prosthesis in India

Artificial Limbs Prosthetics from World Class Hospitals in India

Get Most Advanced and Affordable Orthopedic Surgey at World Class Hospitals in India.

Mrs Linda from USA shares her India Medical Travel Experience.​

What People Say about u“My name is Linda from Houston, Tx and I am a 25 year old working in a Software Company. I had severeforearm and wrist pain since last 2 years. The pain used to increase on lifting objects. Our local hospital diagnosed me for having tennis elbow for which I received treatment in the form of analgesics, heat therapy, steroids and brace for 4 months.

Twice I was given local steroid injections which resulted in temporary but incomplete relief. The severe pain persisted even after 10 months of therapy.

Since I had no insurance I started to think about going to India for low cost surgery without compromising on the quality of treatment. I then came across SafeMedTrip which put me in touch with Dr Gupta at India’s most advanced hospital. I underwent a minimally invasive surgery where they performed debridement of extensor tendon origin with decompression of bone. Request a Call BackRequest a Call Back

Why you should choose World Class Hospitals in India for Most Advanced Artificial Limbs Prosthesis Treatment?

Top Class Orthopedic Surgeons, some of whom have an experience of performing more than 10000 joint replacement surgeries.

Cost of Surgery just 1/6th of cost in USA, UK or Europe with finest quality implants, prosthesis and consumables imported from Leading International Companies.

World Class Hospitals having the latest technology like Computer Navigation, 64 slice CT, High end MRI, Neuro-navigation surgical systems, Neuro-physiology etc.

Specialized Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services help the patient to return back to normal activity quickly after the surgery.

Artificial Limbs Prosthetics

Artificial limbs, prosthetic limbs or prostheses are mechanical replacements for missing limbs -arms or legs. When people have the misfortune of losing their arms or legs due to injury, disease or birth defects, artificial limbs help amputees get back to their normal functioning to a certain degree.

Cancer, infection and cardiovascular disease brought about by disorders like diabetes are leading illnesses that cause amputation. Serious calamities like the recent earthquake that devastated Haiti bring in their wake thousands of seriously injured people who will need artificial limbs as their wounds begin to heal.

Artificial Upper Limbs Prosthetics

Artificial Upper Limbs ProstheticsUpper Extremity Prosthetics: The i-Limb hand has the inclusion of a thumb that like a human thumb can rotate into different positions for grip configurations. All five digits are individually powered allowing the hand to imitate the true movement and lifelike accuracy of a human hand. Touch Bionics developed a thin layer of semi-transparent material that has been computer-molded to accurately wrap to every contour of the hand. This i-Limb Skin provides a grip surface while protecting the hand from dust and moisture. They have also teamed up with Living Skin to create a custom cosmesis that will anatomically blend with the rest of their body for a more lifelike covering.

Myo Electric LimbsMyo Electric Limbs: The Utah Arm offers microprocessor technology for above elbow amputees allowing them to have simultaneous control of elbow, hand and wrist (optional) while also allowing the wearer to choose the speed of movement for a more natural response with less effort. Myoelectrically control upper limb prostheses offer the highest level of rehabilitation available today the system combines an attractive apppearance wth higher grip forace and griping speed. Small rechargeable li-Ion, NiMH-or Ni Cad batteries provide the power source for all systems. These batteries may be integrated into the prosthesis regardless of the shape of the residual limb or socket.

CosmesisCosmesis : Livingskin creates custom finger, hand, toe, foot and facial prosthesis as well as cosmetic covers for arm and leg amputations. Each device is custom painted to match any unique features and the skin tone of each patient. Above elbow prosthesis are enhanced with Derma Hair that will never fade, rub off or fall out.The prosthesis is painted to match her other arm. This includes subtle color changes around her knuckles and palm.

  • It is carved just for her. This was done by an impression taken from her other arm.
  • It has lifelike-looking fingernails. These include lunulae (half moons) at the fingernail bases and white at the tips.
  • The prosthesis has a clear outer “skin” that, in many ways, acts just like natural skin. For instance, veins show through the skin and do not look like they are just painted on.Get Estimate

Artifical Lower Limbs ProsthesticsArtifical Lower Limbs Prosthestics

Prosthetic Knee Joints: Lower limb prosthetics are devices designed to replace the function or appearance of the missing lower limb as much as possible. In contrast, lower limb orthotic devices are designed to support, supplement, or augment the function of an existing lower limb.

A prosthesis is composed of a number of components that work together as a single device which is specific to each person.

The Following is an Explanation of each Element of the Prosthesis:

Prosthetic Socks: Used to adjust fit of prosthesis, absorb perspiration and provide padding within the socket. These come in different thicknesses called plys.

Prosthetic Sheaths: Nylon sheaths provide a moisture barrier and control friction between the skin, the sock and the prosthesis.

Shrinker Socks: Help reduce swelling and volume of residual limb on a daily basis and are used for shaping before prosthetic fitting.

Suspension: Used to hold the prosthesis on the body. Can be obtained by straps, liners, sleeves or suction and may require additional components such valves, clutches and ICEROSS (Icelandic Roll On Suction Socket).Get Estimate

Balondemu Darkwah from Uganda shares his India Medical Travel Experience.

I could not have managed even a step without your staff’s excellent care. Couldn’t be happier with the surgeon, physicians and their expertise. All staff nurses and doctors are very attentive. Always available, kind and considerate.

Your Case Managers are very personable and professional. My stay was very comfortable. Will recommend for sure. Thanks you all and God bless you !Refer a PatientRefer a Patient

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Benefit from our expertise of helping hundreds of foreign patients find top quality, affordable medical care in India.

Safemedtrip - Invaluable BenefitsGet Expert Medical Opinion/ Second Opinion – Send us the Medical reports by Email or WhatsApp and we will get you Expert Advice ​​and ​Treatment Cost Estimates​ from Top Specialist at ​Three of India’s ​leading hospitals within ​48 hours.

Safemedtrip - Invaluable BenefitsFree Concierge ​Services​ –​ Once you decide to come to India, We will arrange ​Priority Scheduling of Hospital Appointments, Travel & Visa Assistance, Airport Pick up, Economical Hotel Stay, ​Complete ​Local Support​ ​24X7.​

Safemedtrip - Invaluable BenefitsNo Obligation – Zero Cost Assistance. We do not collect any service fee from patients. You will directly pay the hospitals after you arrive in India. We ensure Quick, Hassle Free, Affordable Treatment at World Class hospitals in India.

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