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  • High Quality Compassionate Care by well trained and experienced English-speaking staff.

What is Ankle Replacement Surgery?

Ankle replacement Surgery Ankle replacement is surgery to replace the damaged parts of the three bones that make up the ankle joint. Artificial joint parts (prosthetics) are used to replace your own bones. Total ankle replacement is a procedure in which an injured ankle joint is replaced with a plastic and metal joint. They come in different sizes to fit different-size people. An ankle replacement surgery may be also termed as Ankle Arthroplasty, Total Ankle Arthroplasty, Endoprosthetic Ankle Replacement, Ankle Surgery.

Why do you require an Ankle Replacement Surgery?

Ankle replacement Surgery Ankle replacement surgery may be done if the ankle joint is severely damaged. The symptoms may be pain and loss of movement of the ankle. Some causes of damage are:
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bone fracture
  • Arthritis caused by ankle surgery in the pastRequest a Call BackRequest a Call Back

Advantages of Ankle Replacement Surgery:-

Ankle replacement
  • Relieve pain and restore joint function in patients with end-stage degenerative joint disease resulting from osteoarthritis, traumatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Ability to maintain movement in the joint.
  • Encourages a more normal walking gait pattern.
  • It helps protect the surrounding joints (eg. subtalar joint) compared to an ankle fusion.
  • Gives a good useable range of movement of ankle.
Overall most people are very happy with their ankle replacement and get back to a relatively active lifestyle without the severe pain of ankle arthritis. Refer a PatientRefer a Patient

Ankle Replacement Surgery Procedure

Ankle replacement surgery may be done while you are under general anaesthesia (you will not be awake) or spinal anaesthesia where you will be awake but will not feel anything below your waist. If you have spinal anaesthesia, you will also be given medicine to help you relax during the operation.

Orthopaedic surgeon will make an incision (cut) in the front of your ankle to expose the ankle joint. Then he will gently push the tendons, nerves, and blood vessels to the side. After this:

  • The surgeon will remove the damaged bone.
  • The surgeon will reshape 3 of your bones that will remain in place:
    1. The lower end of your shin bone (tibia).
    2. The lower end of your smaller lower leg bone (fibula).
    3. The top of your foot bone (talus) that the leg bones rest on.
  • The parts of the new artificial joint are then attached. Special glue may be used to hold them in place. Often, screws are also placed through the two leg bones (fibula and tibia) to help support the artificial ankle.
  • A bone graft is created between the ends of the fibula and tibia. This makes your new ankle more stable.Post a QueryPost a Query

After the Procedure

After surgery, you will need to stay in the hospital for up to 4 days. Your ankle will be in a cast or a splint after surgery. A small tube that helps drain blood from the ankle joint will be left in your ankle for 1 or 2 days. To keep swelling down, you can keep your foot raised higher than your heart while you are sleeping or resting. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy to learn exercises that will help with ankle motion.

Cost of Ankle Replacement Surgery in India

Ankle Replacement Surgery is the most affordable at our hospitals in India. Indicative Costs of various treatment steps is given below

  • Ankle Replacement Surgery : Costs approximately USD 7000.
  • Ankle Replacement Surgery is approximately : 1-2 Days

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People Say about us“My name is Linda from Houston, Tx and I am a 25 year old working in a Software Company. I had severeforearm and wrist pain since last 2 years. The pain used to increase on lifting objects. Our local hospital diagnosed me for having tennis elbow for which I received treatment in the form of analgesics, heat therapy, steroids and brace for 4 months. Twice I was given local steroid injections which resulted in temporary but incomplete relief. The severe pain persisted even after 10 months of therapy.

Since I had no insurance I started to think about going to India for low cost surgery without compromising on the quality of treatment.

I then came across SafeMedTripwhich put me in touch with Dr Gupta at India’s most advanced hospital. I underwent a minimally invasive surgery where they performed debridement of extensor tendon origin with decompression of bone.

This was followed by postoperative physiotherapy. Today after just 2 weeks I have no pain and I feel my hand is much better functionally and I really thank you all for helping me get back to my work so soon.”


Ms Linda, Houston From USA – Elbow Replacement SurgeryRequest a Call BackRequest a Call Back

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