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World’s Most Advanced Nuclear Medicine PSMA, PRRT Therapy for Metastatic Prostate Cancer, NeuroeEndocrine Tumors and Hepatocellular Carcinoma

What is Advanced Nuclear Medicine Therapy ?

Nuclear Medicine Therapy is an innovative and transformative approach in the relentless battle against
cancer, offering newfound hope to those who have exhausted traditional treatment options such as
chemotherapy and surgery. This cutting-edge therapy has demonstrated its ability to effectively control
symptoms and stabilize tumours, proving to be a ray of light for patients facing metastatic Prostate Cancer,
Neuro Endocrine Tumours, and Hepatocellular Carcinoma when all other avenues have been explored.

What are the unique benefits of Nuclear Medicine Therapy Treatments?

a) Targeted Tumour Destruction – At the core of Nuclear Medicine Therapy’s efficacy lies the
utilization of radioactive molecules as targeted drugs, known as molecular radiotherapy. These
specialized drugs possess a remarkable ability to recognize and bind to tumour cells with precision.
Following intravenous administration, they circulate throughout the body, seeking out their
designated targets, and delivering radiation directly to the malignant cells, ultimately leading to
their demise.

b) Protecting Healthy Cells – The intricacy of this therapeutic approach lies in its ability to
distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells, sparing normal tissues from undue harm.
Witnessing the careful orchestration of these radioactive agents as they adhere to and destroy
tumour cells is both remarkable and promising.

c) Safer Outcomes – Even though the majority of the drug fulfils its intended purpose, some
fractions remain unbound to cancerous cells, circulating in the bloodstream until naturally
eliminated, predominantly through urine excretion.

Nuclear Medicine Therapy stands as a testament to the advancements in medical science, embodying the
culmination of years of research and dedication to finding more effective cancer treatments. It is an earnest
endeavour to confront this formidable disease and alleviate the suffering of patients for whom conventional
therapies have fallen short.

As we continue to explore the potential of Nuclear Medicine Therapy, we embrace a new era in cancer care,
built upon the principles of precision medicine and targeted therapies. With its profound impact on
controlling cancer progression and improving patients’ quality of life, this innovative approach heralds a
promising future in the on-going fight against cancer.

Why you should choose World Class Hospitals in India for Most Advanced Nuclear Medicine Therapy ?

Internationally trained and vastly experienced Clinical Team of Nuclear Medicine Physicians, Dosimetrists, Radiation Oncologists and Technicians with extensive experience in Nuclear Medicine Diagnostics & Therapies Our clinical experts have vast experience and ability to personalize therapies while maintaining the highest safety ethical and quality standards.

Expertise for Highly Specialised Nuclear Medicine Procedures like Bone Scans, Renal Scans,
Stress Myocardial Perfusion Scans, Parathyroid Scans, Brain SPECTS, Ventilation Perfusion Scans,
Venographies and Lymphangiography etc.

Most Advanced Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Imaging Nuclear Medicine Imaging often enable
physicians to see detailed pictures of what is happening inside the body at the molecular and cellular level
and accurately diagnose and stage complex diseases – including cancer, and cardiovascular and
neurological disorders in their early stages – as well as monitor disease progression or response to
treatment. PET is an imaging technique that involves detection of a pair of gamma rays emitted from a
patient’s body following administration of a radiopharmaceutical that binds to target cells. SPECT is
another molecular imaging technique. SPECT imaging involves detection of single gamma ray emissions
from a patient’s body following administration of a radiopharmaceutical that often binds to a target cell.

Well trained English speaking Doctors, Nurses and Support Staff provide competent and compassionate Cancer care.

Most Advanced Nuclear Medicine Therapies available at Most Affordable Cost at World Class Hospitals in India

1) PSMA Therapy for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) or Alpha PSMA Therapy using radiolabeled PSMA inhibitors, has
brought about a massive leap for treatment of metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer
(mCRPCa) patients.

Prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) is a protein found in small amounts in the prostate
gland. When a patient has prostate cancer, he has many times more PSMA than normal. This makes PSMA
a good target for treating advanced prostate cancer. You might hear this new treatment called lutetium
PSMA therapy, Lu-PSMA, or just PSMA therapy.

PSMA therapy uses two drugs joined together. One is a molecule called PSMA-617. It finds and attaches to
PSMA on cancer cells. The other is a radioactive medicine named lutetium 177 (Lu 177). It binds to PSMA617, which carries it into the tumour.

This helps destroy cancer with less harm to healthy tissue. PSMA therapy won’t cure prostate cancer, but it
may ease symptoms, slow its growth, and help you live longer.

PSMA therapy is for men with metastasized prostate cancer who’ve tried hormone treatments and
chemotherapy. When they don’t slow cancer spread, PSMA therapy may be an option.

The FDA-approved drug, called Pluvicto (lutetium Lu 177 vipivotide tetraxetan), is a new radiation
pharmaceutical that is administered through injection or infusion. The drug travels throughout the body
and targets cancer cells with the PSMA biomarker, a protein found on most prostate cancer cells
In most cases Prostate Cancer patients treated with PSMA therapy, Lu-PSMA, or just PSMA therapy
resulted in good outcomes. The patients PSA levels dropped significantly and the PSMA PET CT scan done
for treatment response assessment demonstrated a good partial response with a significant reduction in
PSMA uptake in most of the lesions. The patient that shoulder and hip pains are significantly reduced.
The patient has no complaints of dry mouth or any other side effects. His appetite and overall general
condition have improved

Is PSMA approved for prostate cancer?

On March 23, 2022, the FDA approved Pluvicto (lutetium Lu 177 vipivotide tetraxetan, also known as
177Lu-PSMA-617) for the treatment of adult patients with prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-
positive metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) who have been treated with androgen
receptor pathway

2) PRRT Nuclear Therapy for Neuroendocrine Tumours / Hepatocellular Carcinoma

PRRT Nuclear Therapy

A PRRT treatment also known as peptide receptor radionuclide therapy treatment targets tumours of some
types. A tiny but powerful dose of radioactivity destroys tumor cells by binding to their receptors. The
treatment does not cure tumours, but it can slow or stop their growth. PRRT is a treatment option that is
highly effective in controlling advanced, metastatic or inoperable, progressive neuroendocrine tumors.
PRRT is rarely curative but has been shown to help relieve symptoms, shrink tumours, and slow the
progression of the disease. PRRT is actually administering a radioisotope which targets the somatostatin
receptors which are expressed on these patients of well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumours and by
actually targeting these somatosatin receptors we are able to deliver a very high dose of radioisotopes which
goes and attaches to the tumour cells without damaging the surrounding cells.

This becomes very important because many patients with neuroendocrine tumours have got large volume
metastatic disease in the liver we need Isotopes which will go and Target the tumor without damaging the
normal liver or in patients who’ve got skeletal metastasis.

Isotopes go and target the tumour without damaging the surrounding bone marrow and by using PRRT we
are able to do exactly this and that is the reason why PRRT is often called the Magic Bullet therapy because
it’s goes and attaches these radio peptides they go and attach directly to the tumour cells without actually
causing any kind of harm to the surrounding structures. PRRT can now be done with various beta emitting
radioisotope which has got a higher energy than loticium and can be used to Target bigger tumours or
patients who got larger metastatic disease

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