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Safemedtrip - Hepatits in India

World’s Latest and Most Advanced Hepatitis C Treatment is now available now in India at affordable cost.

Non Surgical treatment for Varicose Veins

Advanced Hepatitis C TreatmentHepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is present across the world. It is a organism which resides in the liver and causes gradual destruction of liver tissue. The virus is a blood borne infection and can only be transmitted through blood and serum. The patient groups at high risk of acquiring the virus are: 1.Those receiving multiple transfusions, 2. IV drug users 3. Male homosexuals 4. Those on long term dialysis 5. Recipients of unscreened organs 6. Health care workers those indulging in tattooing and ear piercing with non sterile needles.

Nearly 80% of those who acquire the virus go on to develop chronic infection. The liver becomes inflamed (Acute hepatitis) and there is destructions of the hepatocytes (liver cells). The next stage is that of chronic hepatitis which results in the patent having severe fatigue and on investigations there is elevation of liver enzymes (SGOT, SGPT). A prolonged phase of chronic hepatitis is followed by the development of cirrhosis. This is characterised by swelling of the feet and abdomen. A risk of blood vomiting. A possibility of development of loss of conciouness ( hepatic encephalopathy), Jaundice and finally death. Since it is a slowgrowing virus it may anywhere between 15-40 years for cirrhosis to set in. Another complication can be the development of liver cancer.

hepatitis C virusThere are various types of the hepatitis C virus. These types are known as viral genotypes. The common genotypes in India are 3 (65%) 2 (25%) and 1(10%). Genotype 1 is a more severe and difficult to treat infection.

It is important to identify the virus early, as it is easy to treat and with good results at the stage of chronic hepatitis. Once cirrhosis sets in treatment becomes difficult and risky. At the stage of cirrhosis and liver cancer the only treatment option lift is liver transplant which is expensive, available at only a few centres and there is a acute shortage of donors.

The hepatitis viruses have long been seen as dreaded microbes as there was no definite cure for hepatitis up till now.Request a Call BackRequest a Call Back

New Advances in Treatment of Hepatitis C

Treatment of Hepatitis CIt is no longer the case now as a major breakthrough in the field of medicine has resulted in the development of two medicines to cure Hepatitis C – Sovaldi and Harvoni have been approved by the FDA of India in 2014 and are available now in India. Both these medicines have a very high success rate touching almost 90-100% in some cases. The generic version of Sovaldi medicine is now available in the country and that of Harvoni will follow soon. The generic versions are almost 99% cheaper than the branded ones.

Hepatitis C is a chronic disease of the liver caused by the Hepatitis C virus. It is a disease without boundaries. WHO estimates that around 130 million people are affected by the deadly virus across the globe and around 500 000 people are killed by the disease every year. The virus can gain entry in to the body through transfusion of infected and unscreened blood or use of improperly sterilized surgical instruments and syringes. The disease can be short term or long term. Once inside the body the virus may be expelled out within 6 months in around 15% of the people or remain there for life in rest of the 85% of the patients. The patients generally present with jaundice, yellow urine, bone and muscle pain, belly pain, itchy skin and fatigue. Most people develop liver cirrhosis or cancer eventually which can be fatal.

Till now the only cure for all kinds of Hepatitis was- Interferon; a costly drug, available for the privileged few, with many side effects. Treatment of Hepatitis CThe recent breakthrough has come as a boon for many patients in India and around the world. The latest cure for Hepatitis C is available at SafeMedTrip affiliated Hospital’s Centre for Liver and Biliary sciences, which is a center with cutting edge diagnostic and treatment facilities. The center provides treatment to all patients suffering from any liver disease at affordable costs. This state of art center is run by highly qualified and experienced team of doctors consisting of Liver transplant specialists, Hepatologists, Anesthetists, Radiologists, Pediatricians, trained ICU staff and nursing staff. They work round the clock as a team to deal with any emergency.

The treatment of hepatitis C has been evolving over the last 20 years. A weekly injection of Pegylated interferon and Tab Ribavarin has been the standard of care till 2014. Pegylated interferon is associated with a number of side effects, starting from flu like symptoms to bone marrow depression. A new drug was launched in 2014 in the united states by the name of Sofosbuvir (Trade name Sovaldi). This is among the most expensive drugs in the world, a 3 month treatment is likely to cost $ 84,000. It has much better efficacy and can be given either as a 2 drug combination with Ribavarin or a three drug combination of Peginterferon, Ribavarin and Sofosbuvir.

In India latest treatment options are made available to its patients at one tenth of the cost of treatment available in the USA. There are different treatment packages depending on the severity of the disease. The newer drugs have lesser side effects as compared to interferons which is a major advantage.Post a QueryPost a Query

Expected Time schedule for HCV Treatment at SafeMedTrip affiliated Hospitals in India

  • HCV TreatmentSend the patient details including HCV RNA and LFT report at least a week in advance.
  • On the day of arrival ( Bet 9am and 2.00pm)
    a. Consultation with doctor and identification of problems.
    b. Blood tests
    c. Ultrasound
    d. UGI Endoscopy
    e. Fibroscan
  • On day 2 (9-10am)Fibroscan
    a. Collection of Reports,
    b. Starting Treatment (Either 2 or 3 drugs)
  • On Day 6 (9-10am)
    a. Consultation with doctor,
    b. Blood tests for monitoring treatment
  • On Day 7 (9-10am)
    a. Consultation with the doctor,
    b. Work out plan for follow up, Back Home.

Estimated Cost Of Medical Treatment In India

The cost of treatment is one tenth of the cost of treatment available in the USA. It depends on the duration of medication.

Package 1 (12 Weeks) USD 2100 Includes Sofsosbovir & Ribavirin
Package 2 (24 Weeks) USD 2600 Includes Sofsosbovir & Ribavirin
Package 3 (12 Weeks) USD 3600 Includes Sofsosbovir, Ribavirin & Interferons
Package 4 (24 Weeks) USD 4600 Includes Sofsosbovir, Ribavirin & Interferons

The above costs are indicative and the actual treatment plan and cost estimate can only be made on the basis of detailed medical examination and reports.

The package does not include the following:

    • Cost for treatment for additional co morbidities
    • Outside Hospital expenses (lodging, food, travel and maintenance expenses)
    • Professional charges of other consultants
    • Any admission required
    • Use of other special drugs/ consumablesRefer a PatientRefer a Patient

How Can You Get a Free Expert Opinion from Top Hepatitis C Specialists in India?

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