Now get Cochlear Implant Surgery done at Safemedtrip affiliated hospital in India!

  • Has your doctor advised you or your child or your beloved ones to go for cochlear implant surgery?
  • Are you looking for a best possible solution in terms of top quality service at very affordable cost?
  • You want surgery to be done by US/UK board certified world renowned doctors only?

In finding answers to these questions you may have delayed your decision making to undergo a cochlear implant surgery!

But your search for a top class cochlear implant surgical centre is over now. Finally you can take your decision to get Cochlear Implant Surgery in India’s best hospital at very affordable cost.

You will find the most advanced facilities for cochlear implantation surgery at Safemedtrip’s affiliated world class hospital in India:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic & rehabilitative services
  • Diagnostic Audiometry
  • Tympanometry
  • Evoked response testing
  • stroboscopy & computer aided speech analysis with VAGHMI & vocal-2, speech analysis with software.
  • Basic audiologic evaluation.
  • Auditory electrophysiology.
  • Vestibular evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Phoniatric unit facilities for Voice disorders, Speech Disorders, Language Disorders

How cochlear implant surgery is performed at Safemedtrip affiliated hospital in India?

Cochlear implant surgery lasts about 2 hours and is performed while the patient is under general anaesthesia.  The electrode array is inserted into the cochlea.  The receiver/stimulator is secured to the skull. Typically, patients remain in the hospital for two nights. They have a bandage on their head which is removed after four days. Patients return to school or work as soon as they feel well enough to do so, usually within a week of surgery.

Safemedtrip affiliated hospital also has a Modern Voice Lab which consists of Latest Technology Hi Tech Equipments like which makes this surgery a great success: –

  • The Voice Range Profile (VRP).
  • Sona-Match.
  • Multi-Speech.
  • Real-Time Spectrogram.
  • Visi-Pitch.
  • Multi-Dimensional Voice Program (MDVP).
  • Electroglottograph.
  • Nasometer.
  • Phonatory Aerodynamic System (PAS).

What does a cochlear implant consist of?

A cochlear implant of international quality consists of:

  • A microphone to hear the sound
  • A speech processor to organize the sound received by microphone
  • A transmitter and receiver to capture sound from speech processor and convert it to electrical signal
  • A group of electrodes that collects these electrical signals and sends them to various regions of the auditory nerve

Now the most important question!

What is the cost of cochlear implant surgery at Safemedtrip Hospital in India?

20000 to 30000  US Dollars (Exact Cost Depends on the type and brand of Implant to be used )  – Cost includes 4 days stay in a Private Room where a Companion can stay with the patient surgeon fee, medicines and consumables, nursing care, food and Airport Pick & Drop.

Safemedtrip affiliated hospital in India also has a Post Operative Rehabilitation Program for the patients

Cochlear Implantation Programme begins with the surgical implantation of the device. There is an extensive period of post operative rehabilitation. This is a very crucial period where the patient, parents (of the patient), audiologist, speech therapist and our team of Junior and Senior ENT Surgeons work together in rehabilitating the hearing deprived patient to sound and speech.

What are the benefits of a cochlear implantation at Safemedtrip affiliated hospital in India?

  • Highly specialized and fully trained multidisciplinary team of medical professionals consisting of ENT surgical team, Neuro psychologist, Audiologist, Speech Therapist, Paediatrician
  • Greater ease in high frequency consonant perception,, /sh/, /s/, /f/, /t/, /k/, /p/, /h/
  • Avoids problems of acoustic feedback & earmold issues
  • “lifesaving” technology for those who otherwise might not hear or those who would have to struggle in order to hear, or for those who cannot do well with hearing aids even with a severe hearing loss, such as those with auditory neuropathy
  • Hears clearly in noisy environments.
  • Talk on the phone & Enjoy music
  • Very affordable cost
  • High success rate

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