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Dr Sudhir P. Srivastava

Cardiothoracic Surgeon
M.D Cardiothoracic Surgeon,
Chairman and MD,
International Centre for Robotic Surgery.
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Dr. Sudhir Prem Srivastava, has is amongst most respected specialists in India and has worked for more than two decades at leading global hospitals perfecting the craft of Cardiothoracic Surgery. While in the United States, Dr. Srivastava gained the reputation by his colleagues of being an excellent surgeon for his tireless efforts to expand the frontiers of Cardiac Surgery. Already being known as a highly skilled conventional surgeon, Dr. Srivastava was intent on finding a better way to treat his patients outside of the conventional ‘open’ approaches. He persisted in finding a way so that the recovery time and pain incurred would both be reduced for the patient.

He soon became a pioneer in Minimally Invasive Surgery when he devised the Thoracab approach. This technique was the first step away from the traditional method of splitting the chest. His approach allowed him to operate on the heart in a space between the ribs. When Intuitive Surgical sent the daVinci robot out for cardiac clinical trials, Dr. Srivastava was at the top on their most wanted list. He conducted the clinical trials for Cardiac Bypass surgery, referred to as TECAB (Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass) and at the conclusion of the trials was found to have extremely excellent results. The FDA soon approved the TECAB procedure for use in the United States and this launched Dr. Srivastava into his practice where he became a world renowned robotic cardiac surgeon and pioneer in his field. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Srivastava along with many other physicians launched a $57 Million dollar hospital project in the West Texas town of Odessa, Texas. Alliance hospital was the training ground where Dr. Srivastava taught his techniques to dozens of surgeons from around the world who also wanted to change the ways in which they operated.

To this day, Dr. Srivastava is known to have trained many of the best robotic heart surgeons in the world. It was at Alliance Hospital where Dr. Srivastava achieved many ‘world’s first’ operations in performing a double and triple bypasses on a beating heart in a totally closed chest setting. He became well known for being able to do very complex cardiac surgical procedures utilizing the da Vinci robot and was often referred to as Dr. Robot amongst his peers who admired him greatly for his enthusiasm and encouragement for the surgeons to adopt the robotic platform.

In an effort to spread the awareness of his techniques, in 2007, Dr. Srivastava joined the esteemed University of Chicago where he served as the Chief of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Cardiac Surgery. He was successful in launching the program at the University while still training surgeon from around the world who were sincere in learning. It was here where Dr. Srivastava did the world’s first Quadruple Bypass on a beating heart utilizing robotic assistance and to this day no one has done the same. During his time in Chicago he became well known again for being an excellent surgeon and had many write-ups from national newspapers during his stay there. He then launched the International College of Robotic Surgery at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

The International College of Robotic Surgery took training directly into the 21st century. Now, surgeons had many options if they chose to undergo training in robotic cardiac surgery. Dr. Srivastava utilized high speed connections to broadcast his cases to surgeons and tele-mentored many surgeons who were at the beginning stages of their programs. Dr. Srivastava organized a true training website where cardiac surgeons could log in and see didactic training modules which would inevitably aid them is lessening their learning curves. The International College of Robotic Surgery was successful in its mission to train surgeons from around the world from a single location. During his time in the US, Dr. Srivastava brought dozens of surgeons to proficiency and many became world pioneers in their own right utilizing a variety of techniques once on the robotic platform. The message was clear, in medicine one should not stagnate, one must always pursue perfection. After launching a very successful program in Atlanta, and after having had a very successful career in the United States, Dr. Srivastava turned his gaze back towards India in hopes of achieving his vision.

It has always been a dream for Dr. Srivastava to offer his service through medicine to India. During the early years of his practice in Texas, Dr. Srivastava along with his entire surgical team, brought with them all necessary equipments, and for years provided free surgeries at the Sathya Sai Hospital in Puttaparthi, A.P. Throughout his evolution as a surgeon, Dr. Srivastava was constantly teaching his fellow colleagues in India and in 2002 he performed the first robotic surgery in the subcontinent. Since then he has hosted many Indian surgeons back in the US who have been enthusiastic about training. But in order for the programs to flourish in India, and to utilize the full talents of many gifted Indian surgeons, there had to be a mentor on the ground to further mature their training.

In July 2010, Dr. Srivastava joined Fortis Healthcare to provide the best possible surgery for Indian patients. It is his vision to offer patients the best alternative to traditional surgery not just in the field of Cardiothoracic, but in the fields of Urology, Gynaecology, General, Head and Neck, and Orthopaedic surgeries as well. Through the Fortis – International Centre for Robotic Surgery, Dr. Srivastava has organized many world-class surgeons from every surgical specialty to come on a rotational basis to Fortis Medical centres throughout India and train local Indian surgeons to proficiency. There is no other organization in the medical world where a team of world renowned robotic surgeons from every field train others to expertise. Dr. Srivastava has performed more than 1250 robotic surgical procedures and the experts at the International Centre for Robotic Surgery (ICRS) have a collective experience of over 15,000 cases.

Dr. Srivastava believes that, as India is at the forefront of so many global arenas, with the amount of already existing talent in the country, there is no reason why India should not be at the forefront in medicine. Dr. Srivastava believes that with this partnership with Fortis, and with the success of this project, India will stand alone, distinguished as first in the field of surgery. In addition, to be able to widely incorporate and teach robotic surgery in India, across every surgical field, would create an exponential growth in the medical tourism sector and would send a message to the world about the standard of care in India. In an effort to bring this vision to India, to change the face of medicine in the country, to achieve better patient outcomes and quicker returns to daily activities,

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