Mr Dan

Dan from USA – Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic SurgeryThrough the Internet I found SafeMedTrip and the credentials of the hospitals and surgeons proposed by them gave me the confidence for a twenty hour plane flight to Mumbai, India. At Delhi airport I was greeted by my Concierge who drove me directly to the hospital, helped check me in and made me comfortable in my room.

The nursing staff took care of my needs before and after surgery, everyone was very professional and very friendly. There was never a language problem, everyone I was in contact with spoke English. My room was large with cable TV and a computer with Internet access. The food was abundant and tasty with bottled water and fresh fruit.

Before my surgery the surgoen answered all my questions and explained exactly what I would encounter during and what to expect after my procedure. I met his assistant surgeons and everyone involved in the operating room, they all reassured me, and said I was in the best hands. My physical therapy started right away and I was walking my first session. After six years of limping I had a hard time trying to walk correctly, but with the patience and expertise of my rehab therapist I have started to walk without the limp. I don’t think my family will recognize me.

Thanks SafeMedTrip. I’m very excited to get running again and just being normal.