21 year old saved from losing his hand by timely intervention. Miraculous Wrist Surgery!!!

A complete cut of the wrist, wrist nerves and wrist joint was successfully repaired by Safemedtrip affiliated top surgeons in India Just a miracle!

Top doctors at Safemedtrip affiliated world class hospital in India reconstructs the wrist of a 21 year old boy which was cut totally, and in the process have him a new lease of life. He was a computer operator and sole earning member of the family. He met with a fatal accident where a heavy glass fell on his hand and his right wrist was cut totally. The injury was so severe that the whole structure of his right wrist including bones nerves and the tendons was cut.

What did the top surgeons say?

The top Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon & Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Safemedtrip affiliated Hospital said, “When the boy was brought to our hospital both the artery at the wrist level the ulnar artery and the radial artery was completely cut. These two arteries are instrumental in supplying oxygen to the wrist, if this was not repaired at the right time and with right precision than it would have resulted in Gangrene and in turn it would have resulted in death of the hand.”

How the surgery was performed?

  • Re-plantation technique to reattach a completely detached body part was used
  • Another criticality in the case was that the patient suffered disarticulation of the wrist i.e. a complete cut of the joint and therefore they rejoined the complete bone for the action of the wrist.
  • Third challenge that the surgeons faced was that the median nerve in the patients hand was completely cut, this median nerve is very crucial as it is the nerve which is responsible for fine movements of the fingers in the wrist, the median nerve is also called the musician nerve as it is instrumental in fine movement of the fingers which was successfully repaired
  • The patient also suffered cut in almost all the tendons of his wrist his flexor tendons and partial extensor tendons was completely cut, the tendons play a very important role in the wrist as it is responsible for gross movement of the hand and wrist like holding a strong grip etc with this all the blood vessels were repaired as it is crucial for the survival of the tissue which in turn is required for the movement of hand and wrist.

Post Surgery condition of the 21 year old boy!

After all the successful procedures carried now the patient is back to normal with restored circulation of the blood to the wrist. With all the tendons arteries and fracture stabilised he is able to move his wrist completely and he has regained strength in his fingers and his median nerve recovering which has helped the patient to regain his normal day to day activities.

In India the Cost of Wrist Surgery is very low. The cost includes stay in a deluxe  room for 7 days at the hospital, where a companion can stay with the patient, nursing care, surgeon fee, medicines and consumables, patient’s food and airport pick up etc.

For more information about Wrist or Joint Replacement Surgery in India, Please visit this link : https://safemedtrip.com/medical-services/orthopedic-surgeries-treatment-in-india/hand-surgery-in-india.html