Advancing minimally invasive surgery for Hermia, Gall Bladder at SafeMedTrip affiliated world class hospitals in India offer less scarring, and a fast recovery to normal activities

What is the SPIDER Surgical System?

The SPIDER Surgical System is a laparoscopic platform that is used to perform minimally invasive surgery. Unlike conventional rigid laparoscopic surgery, the SPIDER flexible laparoscopic platform allows multiple instruments to be used through one incision. The result may potentially be fewer incisions and a fast recovery for the patient, while providing surgeons with enhanced capabilities. SPIDER is most commonly used to treat obesity and colon cancer, while also used to remove kidneys and gallbladders.


SPIDER’s unique design accommodates a range of flexible instruments through articulating instrument delivery tubes (IDTs), and working channels that allow for the use of current instruments as well. True right and true left instrumentation and triangulation can now be achieved through a single site.

Unlike early single port techniques, SPIDER eliminates the awkward crossed arms movement, allowing a single surgeon to operate the device more naturally for true right and left instrument manipulation.


  • Triangulation achieved via single site access
  • True left and true right instrumentation
  • Flexible, articulating instruments
  • A single-operator platform
  • An open platform with multiple working channels
  • Improved cosmetic results

SPIDER Cholecystectomy

SPIDER Cholecystectomy is a minimally invasive surgical method used to remove the gallbladder.

Gallbladder removal is one the most common surgical procedures performed in the world. There can be many conditions which lead to a medical recommendation of a cholecystectomy. Two of the most common are gallstones and cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder).

Cholecystectomies are most commonly done laparoscopically, where a surgeon utilizes several incisions to introduce long rigid instruments into the abdomen to perform the surgery. With the advance of SPIDER Surgery, the surgeon may make one small incision, usually hidden in the belly button and introduce multiple flexible instruments through that incision in order to complete the same procedure.

How is SPIDER surgery different from traditional laparoscopic surgery?

Traditional laparoscopic surgery usually requires multiple incisions. SPIDER Surgery can reduce this number, in many cases to a single incision.

Potential benefits of SPIDER Cholecystectomy

Patients may benefit from excellent aesthetic results, minimal pain and a quick recovery by utilizing the SPIDER minimally invasive surgical method.

How does SPIDER work?

A SPIDER procedure begins when the surgeon makes one incision, usually inside the umbilicus (belly button), and inserts the SPIDER Surgical System. Once SPIDER is in the patient’s abdomen, the surgeon opens it up, like an umbrella. The surgeon then inserts a camera and other necessary instruments through SPIDER. When the surgeon has completed the procedure, he or she closes SPIDER and withdraws it through the same incision.

What happens in a SPIDER Cholecystectomy procedure?

The surgeon begins the procedure by grasping the gallbladder and positioning it so that it is exposed from its usual position under part of the liver. The surgeon carefully dissects around the area where the ducts and blood vessels leading to the gallbladder are located. The surgeon then clearly dissects around these structures to provide a critical view of the gall bladder’s key structures. This is necessary to ensure that the cystic duct and cystic artery are clipped and divided, while the common bile duct is preserved. Once the cystic duct and cystic artery are divided, the gallbladder is dissected away from the liver. Then the surgeon removes the gall bladder through the same small incision along with the SPIDER Surgical System and all instruments. The incision is then closed and the patient moves to recovery.

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