“Mini Bypass Heart Surgery” at Safemedtrip affiliated hospital in India… Future of heart bypasses

The so-called mini-bypass heart surgery is done through a cut in the chest which is three times smaller than usual. Within a day of the operation, patients can begin their recovery on paracetamol instead of the morphine painkillers they would usually need.

Mini Bypass Heart Surgery

The cut is made just 8cm (3ins) long in the lower part of chestbone. With a much smaller cut in the sternum, the heart surgeon carefully manipulates the heart until the diseased artery is directly below the hole. The heart surgeon re-routes the blood supply to the heart muscle through the mammary artery, which lies close by, and a transplanted section of artery from the lower arm.

The technique is currently done in just very few surgical centres around the world. But its advantages are so great that it is expected to be rapidly adopted by other hospitals.

To know more about Mini Bypass Heart Surgery please write to us at hospitalindia@gmail.com or hospitalindia@yahoo.com. Benefits of Mini Bypass Surgery By causing far less trauma to the patient, surgeons say the recovery time is significantly reduced.
  • Short hospital stay
  • The cost is “One third” of the cost of normal bypass surgery
  • Drugs bill is low
  • With a smaller cut there are more chances of early recovery
A Nigerian patient underwent Successful Mini Bypass heart surgery at Safemedtrip affiliated top hospital in India. The patient was a Nigerian man who travelled 5,000 miles to India because he was determined to have the mini-bypass surgery. He said: “With a smaller cut and a good rate of early recovery, it is far better for me. I am looking forward to seeing my children and grandchildren.”

The Heart Surgeon at Safemedtrip affiliated hospital in India who performed this new operating technique in India said, “patients leave hospital in as few as three days instead of seven, are back at work in two weeks instead of four, and are able to drive after one month instead of three”.

He further added: “What really pushes them to work quickly is the fact they don’t have pain. They can get up and walk the next day and not realise they have had some surgery done to them. “I think it is the future of heart bypasses. If you can give the patient something that is less painful, then why not…”

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