Endoscopic Surgery Helps New Born Survive from a Life Threatening Condition.

endoscopic-indiaBorn at 33 weeks with a rare disease, Bilateralchoanal Atresia, the infant’s chances of survival were very slim. The condition results in blockage of the back side of the nasal passages causing respiratory distress for the newborn as they are compulsory nasal breathers.  Premature,preterm and weighing barely over 1 Kg, the baby girl was diagnosed with the condition after a CT scan at a well-known hospital in India and the only way to keep her breathing was to keep her mouth open using an airway. But this was neither comfortable nor a long lasting solution.

As it was an acute respiratory emergency, the doctors of the ENT Department decided to go ahead with Endoscopic Surgical repair using 1 mm Skeeter Drill, first of its kind surgery on a newborn infant. Special equipment like small diameter endoscopes was used to reconstruct the nasal passages and place a stent to relieve the nasal obstruction. She was operated under general anesthesia and kept on ventilator for two days. She was weaned off after nasal breathing was successfully established. This pathbreaking surgery offers hope to many such newborns who come into this world with a congenital respiratory condition.

Endoscopic Sinus surgery is also performed extensively on adults suffering from chronic sinusitis, deviated septum or any other nasal passage anomaly.

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