Limb Preservation Surgery- Amputation is No More The Only Option To Rid Limbs of Bone Cancer.

bone-cancerAbnormal or uncontrolled growth of bone cells result in bone tumor which can be at one place or have the ability to spread to other parts of the body. Until recently, if there was bone cancer, cutting the bone or removing the entire limb was the surgery of choice as it removed any chance of recurrence. But it had a disastrous effect on the survivors as they now with one limb less they were emotionally, psychologically and physically a lot weaker than before, not to mention the added cost of the prosthesis if they chose to get one.

Now the trend is reversing with more surgeons opting to preserve the limb in what is called as limb preservation surgery by removing just the affected part and filling up the gap above and below the bone grafts that would grow in time to fill up the empty portion in the bone. A revolutionary procedure that leaves the patient physically intact and also does away with the added cost of fitting prosthesis.

Recently a team of doctors at a  affiliate hospitals performed this procedure on a patient with Osteosarcoma (a type of bone cancer) of the right thigh bone, with excellent results. The surgery was preceded by three sessions of aggressive chemotherapy to kill any cancer cells in the body. During the procedure, the surgeon removed the cancerous part of her right thigh bone and used bone fragments from her left leg bone to fill the gap (autograft). This not only avoided the need of prosthesis but also speeded up the recovery.  A rod has been inserted into the area to support the implanted bone. It will be removed after three to six months depending on how quickly the area heals.

Though you cannot rule out recurrence in cancer cases, Limb preservation surgery certainly improves the quality of life of the patient allowing him to lead a more fulfilling life till the time (if) cancer recurs.

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