New Advances in Head and Neck cancer treatment now save many lives at World Class Hospitals in India

head-neckHead and Neck cancers if detected early can be fully treated by single modality approach (chemotherapy/radiotherapy/surgery). If detected in the later stages, a multimodal approach that includes a combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and conventional tumor removal surgery or advanced techniques like Photon beam therapy or Gamma knife surgery or Stereotactic Radiotherapy can be used. These approaches can be used if the tumor is localized or not very deep seated or has spread very little.

What if the tumor is recurrent or too deep seated to remove surgically or rapidly spreading and threatening to affect the vital organs of the body?  Some pretty exciting and goal directed research is underway for patients with recurrent or metastatic head and cancer and many of them are in their advance stages and could soon be available for such patients.

neckThese Immunotherapy trials are targeting to boost the immune system of the patients so that they can fight the disease throughout the body.

One such treatment under in the advanced stages of clinical trial is the Checkpoint Inhibitors and Immune Modulators. This treatment works on the molecules present in our body which are responsible for our immune response. It selectively blocks or activates those cells in order to enhance anticancer response in the body. These drugs can be injected with adjuvant immune enhancers to boost the body’s cancer fighting ability.

Another major avenue of immunotherapy for head and neck cancer is Adoptive T cell transfer. In this approach, T cells (disease killer cells circulating in the blood) are removed from a patient, genetically modified or treated with chemicals to enhance their activity, and then re-introduced into the patient with the goal of improving the immune system’s anti-cancer response. Immunotherapy for cancer can help avoid surgery in many patients.

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